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New Chair

The Vicarage Study has a new office chair. I must add that it is a very expensive one. This new chair replaces the dining chair that the Mhinisteir has been using for years!

Regular readers will know that anything that requires assembling almost always turns into a mini drama. No change on this occasion! For a start, the Mhinisteir was using the wrong screwdriver!!!

The Mhinisteir had ordered this chair in November 2020. As it was made to specification, we were told to expect delivery sometime in January 2021. The moment we entered into the new year, the Mhinisteir was getting excited/impatient. Thankfully, the chair arrived this week! Yay!

The Mhinisteir wanted to get stuck in immediately. I was a little hesitant as I wanted to be sure that we knew what we were doing in terms of assembling it. This chair is actually a gaming chair. It has excellent reviews from not only gamers but people from other walks of life.

The Mhinisteir spends a lot of his time in the study and especially now with umpteen zoom meetings, the dining chair was no longer suitable. I firmly believe in “too poor to buy cheap”.

Anyway, the paper instructions were fairly clear but thankfully there was a link to a youtube video which clarified any doubts. It took us two hours to assemble the chair. Boy, was I relieved when it was all over!

The Mhinisteir tells me that the chair is excellent and it is helping his back and posture.