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Photo by Yogendra Singh on Pexels.com

My fascination with India started in the year 2003. We knew of a missionary family who were living in India. I had never visited India but I was fascinated by the stories that I used to hear from the wife of this missionary family. There appeared to be a vibrancy in that country. I developed a secret desire. To go and live in India! How is that possible if I have never even visited the country? For a start, I won’t be able to cope with the spicy food. I started reading blogs of British expats in India. Life in India sounded magical.

One day, the Mhinisteir told me that he had been asked to visit India on official business and would I go with him??? Did he even have to ask? It was a five day trip. Sadly, I didn’t enjoy my time there very much. Nothing to do with the country but I was cooped up in the hotel room for the five days as I wasn’t feeling very well. Food became a problem too. I remember ordering room service of just chips to satisfy my hunger. When the chips arrived, they were covered in black pepper! According to the young Indian server, the chips were far too bland to be eaten on its own!!!!!! I was so angry that I could have cried. Cultural Clash!

We moved to England. My fascination with India faded and then it disappeared or so I thought until a few weeks ago when the Mhinisteir decided that we were going to watch Jewel in the Crown. The fascination is back and I don’t know what to do!!!!