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Books by my bedside

Currently I have got four books by my bedside table! I like to finish reading one book and then move on to the next but unusually I am reading all four at the moment!

Towards the end of Autumn, I started reading a book called “THE NARCISSIST TEST”. It is quite a heavy book so I am taking my time.

The second book which I started reading in December is a present from the Mhinisteir and is called “MELANIA AND ME”. It is about the friendship (if you can call that) between Melania Trump and her friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff.

The third book which is the most interesting is called the “PARISIAN CHARM SCHOOL”.

The fourth and the final one is my Sunday book which I only read on Sundays! It is called “UNFINISHED AGENDA“. It is an autobiography of a clergyman called Lesslie Newbigin.