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The Meaningful Chocolate

The Meaning Chocolate is the company behind the Real Easter Egg that you might have seen in major supermarkets. We got a brochure on Saturday saying that this year the major supermarkets have decided not to stock up the Real Easter eggs due to the pandemic. I think the supermarkets have found the perfect excuse not to stock up on “religious” products. The Real Easter eggs contain the reason why Christians worldwide celebrate Easter. I don’t think you need to be religious to buy these eggs. It is a great way to educate a child on World Religions. Furthermore these chocolates are fairtrade.

Anyway, if you don’t see them in the supermarkets, this is why. However you will be able to buy them from their website.

NB: I am not paid to promote The Meaningful Chocolate Company.

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Countdown to Christmas 2021. Seriously??

It was just yesterday that I put away our Christmas decorations into storage even though I had taken them down on Epiphany. Imagine my shock when I came across a personal blog where the owner has already started countdown to Christmas 2021. I couldn’t believe my eyes so I had to read it twice just to be sure.

In the Church Calendar, we have just entered Epiphany and on Sunday we marked the baptism of Jesus. There is still a long way to go before Christmas 2021. Don’t you think?

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Since the recent lockdown, there is hysteria among clerics and laity in the Church of England about Church closure. It appears that a strong majority in the Church of England would like the Churches to be closed during this lockdown. The reason given is it is for the care and protection of the community. I would think that it is exactly for that reason that the Church should be open for worship. Church is essential just like access to doctors. If and when the government instructs Churches to close then we must close the churches. The government has not asked the churches to close so I am not sure why this hysteria. The football matches are on and people have no problem going to the supermarkets where I imagine social distancing will be compromised. In our local village shop, there is never a drop of sanitiser in the dispenser. It is just there for show! I am not for once suggesting that Churches are Covid free but I think Churches are one of the safest places to be!

There is also this clamour for all Church services to be online. It certainly doesn’t work in rural parishes such as ours. Powercuts are not uncommon especially during the winter months. Furthermore, not everybody has computers or internet access. Internet access is often very patchy. Some people actually move to rural areas so that they can be off grid!

Sadly, the Church is not putting the spiritual interest of its parishioners first!

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Endless Washing and Ironing!

I am simply fedup with all the washing and ironing that I have been doing since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. There is just the two of us but I am washing and ironing every day except Sundays. Whenever we go out even if it is just for a short walk, the moment we get back, we get changed into fresh clothes. I have also been steam cleaning all those items of clothing that can only be dry cleaned. On top of this I have the Mhinisteir’s robes that need special attention. Sometimes his robes are in such a state that I have wondered if he has a wee roll about in the Churchyard!

We don’t have a tumble dryer but more than 10 years ago, we invested in a Lakeland Heated Airer called Dry:Soon. It is very economical to run and works a wonder. Thank God for that!

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It was only my second Sunday in our new parish. With it being a multi parish benefice, I still had yet to meet folk from the other churches.

There was tea/coffee after the service so that gave me the opportunity to mingle a little. Just as we were finishing up, there was an older man, small in stature who walked past me. He stopped and nodded. I said hello and we started chatting.

I immediately detected his faint Scottish lilt. I was excited and so I asked him where he came from. He hesitated. “Och, you won’t know the place” He said. Maybe it was my South African accent that put him off. He continued to hum and haw. “Och, it is such a small place. Many people don’t know it. It is a small town called Ardrossan” he said. For I moment, I squealed like a piglet! “I know Ardrossan, very well actually” I said. He looked at me quizzically. I explained to him how I knew Ardrossan and how frequently I was there.

Sadly, I heard that he has passed away.

May be rest in peace and rise in glory.

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December is a month of celebrations for the Mhinisteir and I. Ordination anniversary, wedding anniversary, birthday etc

Just before Christmas, the Mhinisteir booked a night at the Hilton in a city near us to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary. The Hilton was very empty mainly because of Covid19 but it look beautiful with the Christmas decoration.

I got a pleasant surprise when I entered the room. It was so beautifully decorated. We were also given a bottle of wine and some posh crisps.

As a safety precaution, We decided that we would have dinner in the hotel. At dinner time, we got dressed and went to the restaurant. A few minutes into it, my health was beginning to play up. I tried to hide it from the Mhinisteir but I couldn’t. He decided that we should go back to our room and order room service. I was disappointed that I had let him down yet again.

Anyway, we got back to the room and ordered room service. I ordered fish and chips and the Mhinisteir ordered ……… (regular readers, can you guess?) a curry!!!!! We also ordered desserts.

About 15 minutes later, room service phoned up to say that they did not have my dairy free apple pie and asked for a substitute instead so I went for the Jude’s Vegan salted caramel ice cream. When room service arrived, they said that they had given us two tubs of the vegan ice cream as a way of apology. How lovely! By the way, the Vegan ice cream was simply delicious. I would very happily have it again any time.

We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner and went to bed very happy. The Mhinisteir started snoring the moment he hit the sack. I had just started dozing off when there was a lot of shouting and banging coming from the room next door. I just assumed that it was a lovers tiff. How wrong! It went on and on and on until the early hours of the morning. I was so fedup that I just wanted to go home! The Mhinisteir was fast asleep apart for a brief moment when he woke up to ask what the commotion was all about!!!!!

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First Week in January 2021

We are just about to come to the end to the first week of January 2021. Boy, it has been eventful week.

It started with the announcement of the 3rd lockdown in England. Since then the Mhinisteir has been having to deal with conflicting instructions from the Church of England(COE) with regards to keeping the Church open. Unfortunately, these conflicting instructions have caused unnecessary alarm to our Church wardens and he has had to spend a lot of time on the phone trying to calm them down. I wish that people in the COE who are in positions of authority realise that one size doesn’t fit all. What works for the city churches DOESN’T work in rural churches! Many in our parishes do not have internet access.

We heard of two deaths in our parishes. One a premature death as a result of Covid.

This morning, we heard that a friend is in hospital after being involved in a serious road accident. She was a pedestrian.

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Beep beep beep…. I could hear constant beeping but just couldn’t figure out what was causing it.. Since we live in the country, we don’t have a burglar alarm. It wasn’t the smoke alarm either Oh my goodness! Is it the car alarm???? How long has it been beeping? Will the car battery be flat when it was time to go to Church for the Epiphany Service????

All these thoughts were swirling in my head as I lie in bed. The Mhinisteir was sound asleep next to me. I was reluctant to get up but had to be sure it wasn’t the car alarm. I got up and went up to window. No flashing lights. I opened the window to hear if it was the car beeping. Thankfully it wasn’t. Furthermore, it was very quiet outside. It had to be something in the house that was beeping. By this time, the Mhinisteir had woken up. We went around the house looking for the culprit and then we found it in the kitchen! It was our Watchman oil gauge that we use to monitor our oil level!!!!!! What a relief!

Just as we were recovering from that shock, we had a sudden power cut!!!! There goes the shower I thought…. Thankfully it came back on within a few minutes and we were able to use the shower.

We got ready and went off to Church. When we came back, I was extremely cold. Upon checking, the Mhinisteir discovered that the boiler wasn’t working again. Some of you may remember our Christmas Eve drama. I am pleased to say that the boiler is working well again after the engineer came to look at it yesterday. He was adamant that he couldn’t find any fault with it.

Finally in other news, all our Christmas decorations have been removed.

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From Egypt with Love!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This afternoon, I reluctantly phoned Vodafone to help me solve a problem. I was reluctant because I had a splitting headache and so was afraid that I might lose my cool but whatever was wrong needed urgent attention and so I rang Vodafone.

I had to speak to a machine first before it directed me to a human person. The young lady who answered was very bubbly and polite. She had trouble accessing my account so while I waited for her system to speed up, we made some small talk. She explained that she was working from home and so her internet connection may not be as fast as the one in her office. She had an American accent and so out of interest I asked her where she was based to which she answered Egypt!!!! She added that she lives in Alexandria and that she had a perfect view of the River Nile. I told her that all I know about Egypt is what I read in the Bible!

She managed to solve my problem within a few minutes and then I rang off.

I was very pleased to have spoken to her. I just wish that staff working in customer service based in the UK are half as pleasant as her! I always get the impression that they want to get rid of you as quickly as possible.