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How a bill for £76.60 almost become a bill for £766.60!

At the start of each month, I sit down and do the Vicarage accounts like paying bills etc. I am suspicious of direct debits so each month, I spend a considerable amount of time paying bills “manually”. Yesterday was one such day when I had to pay our BT bill. Like I had mentioned somewhere else in my blog, it never fails to amaze me that even during this time of global pandemic, bills never get delayed but the same can’t be said about the items that you order online! Anyway I digress….

As usual I phoned BT on their automated service to pay the bill. Using our phone keypad, I typed in the Vicarage phone number followed by the amount that I needed to pay. What followed next almost gave me a mini cardiac! “The amount you would like to pay is £766.60. Sorry but we can’t accept that amount of overpayment. The maximum overpayment that you can make is £100.00”! Oh my goodness! How on earth did I get it so wrong?????!!! I was in such a state that I hung up!!!!

After I had recovered from the shock, I rang BT again but this time making sure that I punched in the correct figures!

I have to say that it is a very easy mistake to make. Kudos to BT for setting a maximum amount for overpayment. I for one am very grateful!