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The last one week….

I have been off colour since last Thursday. The doctor prescribed me with some antibiotics and since then I am feeling all funny. I am more tired than I usually am and so have struggled to keep up with my usual activities.

We finally got our cleaner back on Thursday which is bliss. We also had to go back to the Optician to get both our spectacles adjusted. Mine was pinching me so I was walking around with cotton wool around my ear while the Mhinisteir had the opposite problem in that his wasn’t fitting very well.

I spent Friday moping around feeling sorry for myself.

On Saturday, I got some news that made me really really angry. I am not sure than I have calmed down yet. I am just so disappointed thats all.

Sunday was Mothering Sunday. They were giving out wee gifts to all mothers in Church. I got one too even though I am not a mother but I did feel a bit awkward receiving it as I felt like an imposter.

On Monday morning, the Mhinisteir shouted ” We have a problem in the kitchen”. “What kind of problem???” I asked. He replied that there was a little bird in the kitchen. A bird?????/ How on earth did it get there? Anyway, the Mhinisteir managed to sent it out.

The Mhinisteir continues to be very busy with funerals. He does a minimum of 3 funerals a weeks. I gather that the funeral directors are struggling with the rise in the number of death due to Covid19 and so there is a backlog.

The Vicarage egg supply comes directly from a farm as we consume large amounts of egg. I was expecting mine on Wednesday and when it arrived, I almost had a mini cardiac!!!!!!!! It is clearly stated on the box that they are eggs and so the box should always be kept upright. The courier driver in his wisdom decided that the box should be at the door on its side instead of being upright. I had to quickly dash to the door and make sure that non of the eggs were broken. Miraculously none were broken.

It is raining again today. The weather generally doesn’t bother me but I am fedup of the grey skies and rain.

Oh another thing….. We seem to have a few ladybirds around the house which has puzzled me. I have never seen them before. Hopefully it is not an infestation.