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Bouquets & Brickbats

This is my first blog post since the start of Spring 2021! I continue to feel a lot more tired than usual so my poor blog has been neglected for the last fortnight.

The Mhinisteir is crazy busy (like the character’s boyfriend in The Little Bakery). I still don’t think it is fair or right to ask clergy to shoulder so much of burden disguised as multi parish benefice. It is not one or two other parishes. You almost need a third pair of hands to count the number of parishes. Everyday someone or something is kicking off so a bit like whack a mole! The Mhinisteir Is obviously very happy with his work, though tired. However, I am feeling his pressure. EVERYTHING has to revolve around his tight schedule which can be quite difficult.


I had a very pleasant Tesco delivery on Tuesday. Unusually, the young delivery man was very attentive. He took the effort to inform me of substitutes and even helped me with the shopping. Later on, I realised that there was an extra bunch of daffodils in the bag!!!!! What a lovely surprise!


I have always ordered my repeat prescription online and this week when I tried to do the same, I was unsuccessful. I was able to access my records alright but there was no option for me to choose the correct prescription which was odd. I was very reluctant to ring the surgery but I had no choice.

I rang and explained my difficulty. The receptionist insisted on transferring me to the pharmacy. I could not understand why. She said that they in the surgery don’t know anything about the online system and that she will have to transfer me to the pharmacy. I finally had to ask if the pharmacy were in charge of the online system to which she answered no. So why on earth transfer me to the pharmacy???????? I just want my online account to work. Finally she said she could change my password but I had to come to the surgery. There was nothing wrong with my password!!!! Quite frankly changing the password wasn’t going to solve the problem. By this time, I was getting slightly irritated but I had to “smile” and be polite for they ALL know that I am the Vicar’s wife!

Anyway, I just thanked her and rung off!