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An Afternoon at the Optician

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

The Mhinisteir and I have just come back home each with a brand new pair of spectacles which we are quite pleased with. We are very pleased with the service we got too. The cost of each pair was eye watering but I won’t say anymore! I have been wearing spectacles since I was 10 so I am blind as a bat without them!!!!

We prefer independent opticians so we used one in a neighbouring town. We had actually gone to the Optician more than a month ago as the glazing in my old spectacles had completely gone and so I had to resort to an old pair which was about 7 years old! Anyway, while we were there, we were told that the new spectacles would be ready in two weeks but because of Brexit it has taken an extra two weeks.

In case you are wondering, I went for bold red frame!

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Sunday Papers

Here in the Vicarage, after all these years, we have once again started buying the Sunday Papers. For a news junkie like me, it is total bliss!

We used to buy the Sunday paper when we lived in Scotland but we had to order in advance and could only pick it up on MONDAYS. Due to strict sabbatarian laws, most shops including the newsagents weren’t open on the Sabbath.

Since moving to England, we rarely bought the Sunday papers. However since the new year, we have arranged to have the Sunday papers delivered so we get a total of three different papers on different days!

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Cheque Book

I needed to write a cheque to Old Mrs Patel and so I got my cheque book out, soon I realised that I didn’t have any new cheques left! Typical! Usually the bank in my case, the Royal Bank of Scotland will send a new cheque book out when you are left with just a few but of course these days cheques are considered obsolete so the bank doesn’t send a new cheque book out UNLESS you request for one! As I found out yesterday, it isn’t a straightforward process either!

Rural living is quite “old fashioned”. We still use cash and cheques. I am very happy to use them. Rural cash machines even give out £5 notes something which I have never encountered in cities. However, in a fast moving and ever changing world, those in the minority are left behind. Sad but true.