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In the news this week

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

There were two stories in the newspaper that caught my attention this week. One is that Standard Life Aberdeen is to be/has already been rebranded as “Abrdn” (to be pronounced as “Aberdeen”). Why create unnecessary confusion and bother?

The second is that Wimbledon is to do away with the mid-tournament “Sunday Rest”. The reason given is that the advances in watering technology and grass maintenance mean that the courts could withstand the full 14 day schedule. Really?

Did the Sunday Rest not come about because of our country’s Christian heritage in keeping the Sabbath day holy?

This reminded me of a story that I heard many many years ago. It is about a Hindu priest in a temple in India. There was a stray cat in his temple that was a menace bothering the worshippers who came to the temple. Out of desperation, the priest tied the cat to a pole. The priest died and a new priest took over at the temple. One day the cat died. Can you guess what the new priest did? He went to buy a new cat and tie it up the same pole!

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Oh my goodness moment!

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It happened on the occasion of our online evensong via zoom. The Mhinisteir and I were in different rooms as we have noticed that we being in the same room with two different computers affects the sound quality. As the Mhinisteir was leading the evensong, something caught my eye. Behind him was a vase of withered flowers in full view! Aaarggghhh!

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The Post Office Scandal and the COE

For the last two years, I have been closely following the Post Office scandal thanks to the Private Eye. I think it is absolutely shameful that some post office workers had to go to prison thanks to an almighty IT glitch. It beggars belief that alarm bells were not ringing when the workers expressed concern about the phantom shortfalls.

What shocked me most was to discover yesterday that the former Chief Executive of the Post Office is an ordained minister in the Church of England! She is a non stipendiary minister.

In the tradition that I grew up in, being a minister is a calling and a vocation so I had never heard of a non stipendiary minister before I joined the Church of England. I still am not sure about non stipendiary clergy as I am not convinced that they can commit a 100% to their calling if you can call that.

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Hear, Hear!

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Last week, I came across three newspaper articles about the present Church of England that really echoed my sentiments, two in the latest Church Times and the third in the Daily Telegraph.

The first, in the Church Times by Canon Angela Tilby writing about the Dean of Windsor and the manner in which he conducted the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral.

The second by The Rt Revd David Wilbourne commenting on the Archbishop’s search for a Chief of Staff! Something which I wrote about recently.

The third and final piece appeared on Thursday’s Daily Telegraph. This article is by their columnist Calvin Robinson. I never read anything by Robinson but this article about the Church of England and its woke culture is quite spot on.

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BBC Radio 4 Vs BBC World Service

As a news junkie and someone who has lived in different continents, I begin to have “withdrawal symptoms” if I don’t get my fair share of both national and international news. For some time now, I have been pretty fedup with BBC Radio 4. In order to appeal to the so called younger audience, some of the programmes have reached gutter level. For instance, I have been appalled by the use of vulgar language on daytime programmes like the afternoon drama. Book at bedtime is anything but… the amount of vulgar language and violence is a recipe for a nightmare! I have also stopped listening to Woman’s Hour, the Today programme and such likes. The news tend to be pretty much the same every hour when plenty is happening around the world!

The Mhinisteir gifted me a Roberts DAB radio late last year and since then I have been listening to the BBC World Service which is wonderful and I once again feel like a global citizen. I still dip in and out of Radio 4 but these days the BBC World Service is my go to radio station.

It is a shame that the World Service is only available on DAB.

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Supermarket Mixup

Here in the Vicarage we get our weekly groceries delivered usually by Tesco. Occasionally it will be Morrisons or Waitrose. This week, I decided to cancel our Tesco delivery in favour of an Ocado delivery. I have had an Ocado account for more than a year now but have never been able to get a slot so have never had an Ocado delivery before. I was even beginning to wonder if it was too good to be true that they deliver to our rural village. But then why allow me to have an account if that wasn’t the case?

Anyway, as I was filling my online basket on Tesco.com, I realised that they had run out of most of my usual items. Thanks to my sudden craving for doughnuts, I was also looking for a gluten and dairy free doughnut mix which I soon realised was only sold on Ocado. Without putting too much thought, I logged in to my account so imagine my delight when I realised that there was a slot available for this Friday! I went ahead to fill my Ocado basket and the delivery for Friday was confirmed.

Since I had an Ocado delivery in the bag, I decided to cancel my Tesco delivery.

On Tuesday morning, as I was coming out of the shower, I heard a noise. Strange as the Mhinisteir was out for a meeting and wasn’t expected back until after lunchtime. I wasn’t expecting any delivery either. I decided to check it out anyway in case there was an intruder in the house!

Imagine my horror when I saw the Tesco delivery van driving off!!!!!!! The groceries were neatly left on the doormat! Oh my goodness!!!!! I went to check my email to make sure that there was one confirming my cancellation but sadly there wasn’t one!

I was so looking forward to my Ocado delivery but now I won’t be needing another delivery this week. I decided to go to Ocado’s website and see if I could rearrange my delivery. Thankfully I was able to which means that I will have an Ocado delivery next week.

I just hope that it will be worth the wait!

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Loo Palaver

Photo by Nicholas Githiri on Pexels.com

Recently, I was in one of our parish churches for Sunday service. Unfortunately for me, the tablets that I was taking at that time was upsetting my stomach and causing me to be sick. However I didn’t want to miss church so I was thankful that this church has a loo unlike most of our parish churches.

When I entered the church, I informed the person on door duty that I might need the loo during the service as I know that the loo is always locked. I was quite shocked by what I heard next….

“Yes, that’s fine. When you need the loo, walk towards me, tap me on the shoulder, I will go behind the curtains and get the key for you!!!!” Honestly??? Why the palaver????????

Thankfully in the event, I didn’t need the loo!!!!!

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Scuppered Holiday

The Mhinisteir was on was supposed to be on holiday the whole of last week. We were not going anywhere but it was to be a week of rest for both the mind and body especially for the Mhinisteir.

On that Sunday before the holiday, the church wardens and others involved in the work of the church wished him a good holiday and reminded him to have a complete break. Someone even asked me to unhook the telephone!

Fast forward to Sunday evening, the same people were bombarding him with unimportant emails.

On Monday morning, a church warden telephoned him. When the Mhinisteir reminded her that he was on holiday, her reply was “Yes, I know. I was hoping to leave a message on your answering machine!”

In the middle of the week, a church warden appeared at the door looking for the Mhinisteir. This person needed to send some documents to the Diocesan office. These were documents that this person had been sitting on for weeks!

Welcome to my life in a Vicarage!:)

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Charming Parishioner

On Saturday, the Mhinisteir received a call from one of his many parishioners. Here in our rural parishes, most of our parishioners are OAPs. As they say, old age doesn’t come alone so Mr B was updating the Mhinisteir about his impending medical appointment with the consultant.

Mr B had spoken to his consultant earlier that week and the consultant had wanted him to come in to the hospital that same week for the procedure. However Mr B had asked the consultant for an appointment the following week. The consultant was puzzled and wanted to know the reason to which Mr B replied by saying that He needed to consult the Vicar!!!!!

Anyway, it turned out that Mr B wanted the Vicar’s blessing and not his medical opinion which I think is very sweet.

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Unusual Use for Hairspray!

During the first lockdown that started in March 2020, I decided to buy a bottle of hairspray to tame my crop. According to my hairdresser, if you have long hair, it will grow downwards unlike mine that was growing upwards and in all directions! I bought the biggest Loreal Elnett that was available but sadly thanks to my sensitive skin, it didn’t agree with me.

The huge bottle of Loreal Elnett has been sitting on our dressing table for over a year now when a few weeks a ago I had a Eureka moment.

Regular readers will know that I am an amateur calligrapher even though I don’t blog about it very much. The inks that I use are lovely to use but sadly not waterproof. I had been looking for a way to waterproof my work but to no avail.

One night, the thought that I might be able to use hairspray to waterproof my work came to my mind! The next day I googled my idea and found that it is possible even though it is not a popular solution. I decided to test it and I am pleased to say that so far it is working very well.