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Planet CofE

I have just come away from the online Chrism Service live from the Cathedral. I have been meaning to write this post for more than a few weeks now but just couldn’t gather my thoughts but I think I have now.

Something that the Mhinsiteir told me a few months back added to my disillusionment with the CofE. Before I continue, I just want to put the record straight. I am not planning to leave the Church of England or anything like that. My loyalty is towards Christ and there is no perfect Church on earth. However I think I am allowed to write about my disillusionment!:)

The Mhinisteir told me that he knows of a good few Clergy in the Church of England who don’t believe in the first 3 chapters of Genesis while there are others who don’t believe in the bible! Seriously??????? I was so shocked !!!!! Why do they then become Vicars? It can’t be the money. Probably for the title and the house. How discouraging it must be for a parishioner to know that their Vicar doesn’t believe in God or the bible? I would be. I don’t think most clergy realise that the moment they open their mouth they are revealing their heart to their parishioners!

Last week, there was an advert in the Church Times advertising for a Chief of Staff for the Archbishop of York. Chief of Staff? I wonder if the Archbishop of York is beginning to think himself to be the President of the United States! Sadly, he proves himself to be another toffee-nosed bishop!

Rural Churches are dying on their feet but the last thing the Church of England want to do is to provide a proper priest to these parishes. Instead they are wasting millions of pounds on worthless pen pushers and activities.

According to some rural parishioners that I have spoken to, rural parishes end up with poor quality clergy and so by the time the clergy leaves their post, they have successfully decimated the congregation. Once they leave, the parishes are refused clergy because the churches have become so small. What an irony!

Sadly our ABC and his cronies are playing the popularity game by always playing up to the media.

Someone wiser than me once said “If you live by the media, you will die by the media”