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Fisherman’s Friend

When I was growing up, my mother always had a packet of Fisherman’s Friend in her handbag. When I became an adult, I followed suit and always keep some in the car and in the medicine cupboard. The Mhinisteir finds it to be a good lubricant for his throat since he does a lot of public speaking especially when he is doing Churchyard funerals out in the cold!

However, I did not know anything about its origins until last week when there was an obituary in the newspaper of the woman behind Fisherman’s Friend! It started off as a liquid to be rubbed on aching joints, or taken with sugar for chest ailments. Latterly, at the request of fishermen, it was made into lozenges. The Fishermen’s Friend started in Fleetwood, Lancashire and I believe that they still have the factory there.

I would say that Fisherman’s Friend lozenges are better than even Strepsils!