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Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

That is the time that our milkman came yesterday. I know it because I was just returning to my bed from the loo!

Pre Covid19, he used to come at about 5am but since the pandemic the deliveries are much earlier.

I for one am very grateful to have our milk delivered. We didn’t have such privileges when we lived in remote Scotland.

As I headed to bed, my mind began to wonder… Sadly very few in our village have their milk delivered. During the first lockdown, more people in the village like our young neighbours were using the milkman but sadly it has mostly died down.

When we first moved to the village, nobody knew anything about milk deliveries. I could not get in touch with our local milkman and so had to order via milkandmore but to be delivered by our local milkman.

People say that it is expensive to have one’s milk delivered. They are probably right. We pay about £0.95 for a pint of organic full fat milk. We get three deliveries per week. It saves us precious time and effort but most importantly our milkman has a job!