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High Cockalorum

Imagine my shock/horror (delete where appropriate) when I saw the ABC on the front cover of the FT Weekend Magazine on Saturday! What was he doing there? Surely not another interview… While their clergy are working their socks off, both the ABC and ABY appear to be sauntering from one interview to another!

I HAD to read what he had to say. It was very obvious that the interviewer was awestruck. I wasn’t at all surprised by all that the ABC had to say but I was shocked that he felt the need to have an adviser present at the interview. As a man of the cloth, does he not think that he has the best adviser in God?

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Media Circus

Before I go any further, I hasten to add that in the Vicarage we don’t own a television. Actually, we do have an old television (a hand me down) but it is locked in a cupboard somewhere so obviously not plugged in. In case, you are wondering no, we don’t pay TV Licence fee.

Whatever I am going to write is based on a newspaper article so may not be fact.

I read in the Sunday Times that the female BBC newsreader when announcing the death of the Duke of Edinburgh was wearing a brown top and a necklace but within minutes of her announcing the sad news, she had added a jacket to her wardrobe and had REMOVED her necklace! I had to reread the article a few times to understand what was being written. Why did she feel the need to do both? In my humble opinion, she should have been wearing her jacket in the first place sad news or not. Maybe the viewers of the BBC news channel are not worthy of “that level” of respect. I really can’t get my head round as to why on earth she would have felt the need to remove her necklace???!!!

I did wear black to Church on Sunday. I am not a Royalist but it was out of a mark of respect just like the way the Union Jack is flying half mast. By the way, I was the only one in black!

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Today is the first time hairdressers are allowed to open for business in England and I got my haircut this afternoon!!!!!!!! How fabulous is that??? I was expecting to feel ecstatic but I just feel normal. The last time I had a professional haircut was in December 2020, a few weeks before Christmas!!!!!! I am so glad to have had my haircut as I was beginning to resemble a highland cow!!!! However, I keep giving myself a wee fright whenever I look at myself in the mirror as I don’t recognise myself!!!

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April 2021 | Books by my bedside

I didn’t do a March 2021 books by my bedside only because I hardly found the energy to read anything!

Anyway, this month I have the following by my bedside and hope to get back to some serious reading.

Diary of a Decade by George Allen & Unwinded – This is the diary of Cicely Williams who was a Bishop’s Wife. Pinched from the Mhinisteir’s library!

The Day of the Scorpion by Paul Scott – This is the second book of the Raj Quartet. Another present from the Mhinisteir!

Dear England by Stephen Cottrell – Stephen Cottrell is the Archbishop of York. This was a Easter present from a parishioner

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Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

That is the time that our milkman came yesterday. I know it because I was just returning to my bed from the loo!

Pre Covid19, he used to come at about 5am but since the pandemic the deliveries are much earlier.

I for one am very grateful to have our milk delivered. We didn’t have such privileges when we lived in remote Scotland.

As I headed to bed, my mind began to wonder… Sadly very few in our village have their milk delivered. During the first lockdown, more people in the village like our young neighbours were using the milkman but sadly it has mostly died down.

When we first moved to the village, nobody knew anything about milk deliveries. I could not get in touch with our local milkman and so had to order via milkandmore but to be delivered by our local milkman.

People say that it is expensive to have one’s milk delivered. They are probably right. We pay about £0.95 for a pint of organic full fat milk. We get three deliveries per week. It saves us precious time and effort but most importantly our milkman has a job!

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Bridge News or Birthdays?

As a news junkie, I read the daily newspapers TWICE cover to cover. On Monday, I thought that it was odd that they were no Birthdays (the column where famous people who celebrate their birthdays on that particular day get a mention). How odd I thought? Surely some famous person must have been born on 5 April?

As I scoured through the page, I came across this!!!!!!!

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Fisherman’s Friend

When I was growing up, my mother always had a packet of Fisherman’s Friend in her handbag. When I became an adult, I followed suit and always keep some in the car and in the medicine cupboard. The Mhinisteir finds it to be a good lubricant for his throat since he does a lot of public speaking especially when he is doing Churchyard funerals out in the cold!

However, I did not know anything about its origins until last week when there was an obituary in the newspaper of the woman behind Fisherman’s Friend! It started off as a liquid to be rubbed on aching joints, or taken with sugar for chest ailments. Latterly, at the request of fishermen, it was made into lozenges. The Fishermen’s Friend started in Fleetwood, Lancashire and I believe that they still have the factory there.

I would say that Fisherman’s Friend lozenges are better than even Strepsils!

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Waitrose and Shoe Polish

In Friday’s Telegraph, a reader had written in to express his shock at Waitrose’s decision to stop selling shoe polish.

He started his letter by saying that he couldn’t find any shoe polish in his local Waitrose and that it was only when he contacted the head office that he was told that Waitrose had stopped shelving shoe polish as they wanted to make way for more popular items! I wonder what they might be??

This reader ended his letter by asking if we are to become a nation of scruffs. My question is have we not already become a nation of scruffs???