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Rude Awakening

Rural living has its own set of unwritten rules like no grass cutting at ungodly times unless you are a farmer where you have special dispensation.

On Saturday, I got woken up by some loud noise. Surely it was too early for any kind of work. As I lay in bed, I started wondering what that noise might be? The man who cuts the grass in the churchyard doesn’t start work until 8.00am and in any case he didn’t work on a Saturday. It sounded like a lawn mower but I was quite sure that it wasn’t. The Mhinisteir was still sound asleep. Mmmm. Curiosity got the better of me so I got up to look out of the window. Guess what I saw?

It was pouring rain and some numpty was “destroying” my neighbour’s garden with a digger. He looked too young to be operating a digger. My young neighbour lives alone with her two boisterous dogs. Until Autumn last year, there was a fellow living there too but not any more. I assume she got some young rookie to do a bit of digging for her but failed to realise that you don’t start at the crack of dawn just because you feel like it. It reminded me of this scene in the Good Life when the Goods and the Leadbetters fall out.