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Oven Clock

Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

In the past fortnight, we have had a handful of intermittent power cuts. Compared to the power cuts in the Scottish Highlands, these intermittent power cuts are nothing! However, one of the things that annoys me is that every time there is a power cut, our oven clock goes gaga and the oven will not turn on until the time on the oven clock has been reset!

I often operate in ‘auto pilot’ mode so for example I turn the right knobs to turn on the oven but don’t bother checking that the oven has indeed been turned on instead I walk away and start doing other things! That’s exactly what happened the other day but just that because of the power cut, the oven clock had gone gaga and so the oven had not turned itself on! Thankfully, on this occasion I noticed it very quickly.