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May Mayhem!

Photo by Polina Kovaleva on Pexels.com

The month of May so far has been anything but calm.

We have only recently started asking the cleaner to come weekly instead of her usual fortnightly visits when it all came to an abrupt halt as she has been forced to take some time off to resolve urgent personal issues. Since the start of the first lockdown, things have become quite erratic on the cleaner front so it is an ongoing battle issue.

Last Thursday I finally decided to put away the electric blanket since the weather was beginning to warm up a little. Since then it has been raining most days and the temperature has gone down significantly. I even went to church in my thermals! I do not want the hassle of putting the electric blanket back on the bed so I have been putting on a brave front and telling the Mhinisteir that I am not cold!!!!

Since Monday, lockdown rules in the United Kingdom have been further relaxed . We can now hug and have limited number of people in our homes. What I want to know is if handshaking is allowed too? Pre-Covid19, I would usually greet people with a handshake especially in church. I am not a fan of the peace in church though! At present, I am not ready for a hug nor a handshake. I prefer to wave from a distance.

Finally my elderly father landed himself in hospital!