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Village News/Gossip*delete where appropriate!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Last week, the Mhinisteir and I went for our afternoon walk around our little village. As usual, we saw many little activities.

Our neck of the woods is currently very popular among house buyers and so houses that are up for sale get snapped up instantly. There is a little house that has gone up for sale but so far no buyers yet which is quite strange but then it is a strange looking little house with lots of plastic flowers. I am not even sure that it is occupied.

Anyway, as I was walking and thinking about this little house, the Mhinisteir exclaimed “That’s our postman”!

“Are you sure”?? I asked. He said he was quite sure. Mmmmm. The woman that he went into the house with actually lives with another man in that house so what was the postie doing there? From the looks of it, they had just come back from a big grocery shopping. Maybe our postie is her new partner!!! Mmmmm…. These kind of things make exciting village gossip news!!!

Rumour has it that there is a thief prowling about in our village. Apparently, someone walked into the home of an elderly villager and stole some cash. I am not sure if it really happened. It could be that the elderly villager had used the cash for something and had completely forgotten about it. It is easy done. Anyway, that has made me a little nervous. We don’t have a burglar alarm. I am not sure what use it is anyway. We used to have one in our previous Vicarage but I would say it was pretty pointless as it doesn’t get connected to the police. Usually only townies have burglar alarms in rural areas!!

Since last week, we have two muntjacs (small deers) visiting us daily. They look really cute. I saw them in the churchyard first thing this morning. They were busy having their breakfast. I sincerely hope that they will leave the fresh flowers on the tombstones alone and focus on the other vegetation available in abundance.