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Vicar of Everything

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Today marks the first day of our 3 day mini break. Just 2 nights to be precise!

The Mhinisteir had some errands to run and so he suggested we turn it into a mini holiday and visit the city of his alma mater and so here we are in the famous city. It is a few hours drive but it was worth the journey. I have been reminded once again how important a change of scenery is.

The moment we stepped into our self catering apartment, the Mhinisteir’s mobile started pinging. Yes, you have guessed it right. It was a very silly trivial church business! Unusually the Mhinisteir was irritated and his irritation showed when I asked him a question. How dare he? I mumbled to myself but I decided to let it go. We were both probably tired after a longish drive!

Soon, he went off to run some errands and I decided to unpack. By the time he came back, we were both back to our normal selves. Thank God! We went for a walk and got ourselves a takeaway lunch.

Shortly after we finished lunch, he got a warning phone call that an almighty safeguarding problem was threatening to erupt and that there needs to be an urgent telephone meeting. I blurted out that there has never been a holiday without a church crisis! ” You know that Vicars can never have a complete holiday”! he said. I do, I do, I do!!!! He went on to add that his colleagues are usually very considerate of his days off and holidays. Are they really? I asked. Like a petulant child, I gave him a long list of the times when he had been rudely disturbed during his holidays. As you can tell, I almost lost it today. I decided to leave it at that and started typing this.

I am not proud of my behaviour because I knew very well what I was signing up for but surely we are allowed to a few hours of peace without being disturbed. However, this is a common problem when you are the Vicar especially of a multi parish benefice aka Vicar of everything! I think I have cooled down now.