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I have just discovered to my dismay that the ABC has appointed a new chaplain!

It was only recently that it was announced that both the ABC and the ABY have jointly appointed a Bishop to serve them. My understanding is that this is a brand new appointment. Nobody has previously held this position before. Can this new bishop not do the job of a chaplain as well? This is becoming comical because on top of this, the ABY continues to advertise for a Chief of Staff. How many staff do these two men need to run their affairs while ordinary clergy have multiple parishes in their hands with very little or no help??!!!

Rumour has it that the ABC sees himself as the Anglican Pope!!!!

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May Mayhem!

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The month of May so far has been anything but calm.

We have only recently started asking the cleaner to come weekly instead of her usual fortnightly visits when it all came to an abrupt halt as she has been forced to take some time off to resolve urgent personal issues. Since the start of the first lockdown, things have become quite erratic on the cleaner front so it is an ongoing battle issue.

Last Thursday I finally decided to put away the electric blanket since the weather was beginning to warm up a little. Since then it has been raining most days and the temperature has gone down significantly. I even went to church in my thermals! I do not want the hassle of putting the electric blanket back on the bed so I have been putting on a brave front and telling the Mhinisteir that I am not cold!!!!

Since Monday, lockdown rules in the United Kingdom have been further relaxed . We can now hug and have limited number of people in our homes. What I want to know is if handshaking is allowed too? Pre-Covid19, I would usually greet people with a handshake especially in church. I am not a fan of the peace in church though! At present, I am not ready for a hug nor a handshake. I prefer to wave from a distance.

Finally my elderly father landed himself in hospital!

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The day before Monday

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My Sundays are spent in church, usually twice, once in the morning and once in the evening for evensong. Since we are not allowed to sing, evensong has been replaced by evening prayer.

There is an earlier service but I prefer to go to the 11am service.

In Scotland, most church services start at 11am and I like that. I find 9.30am a bit too early. People in rural areas find that it is too early too. Why do they have it at that time then??? Sundays are meant to be a day of rest for goodness sake!

In one of the cities that we lived, the BCP (Book of Common Prayer) service was at 8am! Being a BCP person, I had to force myself to get ready for the 8am service. Sadly there were only a handful of us but I don’t think the time was a key factor in the poor turnout.

Thankfully because of Covid19, all services now resemble BCP services!!! Long may it continue!!!

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I don’t believe it!

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Last week, I wrote about how Hers was malfunctioning and had to be repaired.

This week, I happened to be in His looking for my toiletry bag when I heard a familiar sound. Upon inspection, I discovered that His has developed the same problem!!!!! How is this even possible within such a short space of time???????

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Oven Clock

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In the past fortnight, we have had a handful of intermittent power cuts. Compared to the power cuts in the Scottish Highlands, these intermittent power cuts are nothing! However, one of the things that annoys me is that every time there is a power cut, our oven clock goes gaga and the oven will not turn on until the time on the oven clock has been reset!

I often operate in ‘auto pilot’ mode so for example I turn the right knobs to turn on the oven but don’t bother checking that the oven has indeed been turned on instead I walk away and start doing other things! That’s exactly what happened the other day but just that because of the power cut, the oven clock had gone gaga and so the oven had not turned itself on! Thankfully, on this occasion I noticed it very quickly.

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Letter from HMRC

In April 2021, the Mhinisteir and I received computer generated letters from HMRC informing us that according to their records we are either EEA (European Economic Area) or Swiss Nationals and so to apply for the EU settlement scheme in order to be able to continue living in the United Kingdom. How can we inform HMRC that they are barking up the wrong tree????

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Holy Anger

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The Mhinisteir was angry on Friday afternoon which I thought was very unusual for a person who is always normally cool and calm. I wanted to know what happened but was also careful to tread carefully.

We have two Conifer trees in our garden that have grown out of control. I hasten to add that these trees were not planted by us.

If you are a Church of England clergy or spouse reading this, living in Diocese owned Vicarages, please please don’t try and turn the garden into Kew Gardens! Please think of those who will come after you. Most stipendiary Clergy can’t afford to keep your Kew Gardens going.

Regular readers will know how difficult it has been for us to find an honest gardener. You can read about this here. At the moment, we do have someone for grass cutting but we need a tree surgeon for the Conifer trees.

The Mhinisteir contacted someone for a quote. Sadly, he decided to change his quote twice, increasing the price at both time which was what made the Mhinsteir angry.

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Rude Awakening

Rural living has its own set of unwritten rules like no grass cutting at ungodly times unless you are a farmer where you have special dispensation.

On Saturday, I got woken up by some loud noise. Surely it was too early for any kind of work. As I lay in bed, I started wondering what that noise might be? The man who cuts the grass in the churchyard doesn’t start work until 8.00am and in any case he didn’t work on a Saturday. It sounded like a lawn mower but I was quite sure that it wasn’t. The Mhinisteir was still sound asleep. Mmmm. Curiosity got the better of me so I got up to look out of the window. Guess what I saw?

It was pouring rain and some numpty was “destroying” my neighbour’s garden with a digger. He looked too young to be operating a digger. My young neighbour lives alone with her two boisterous dogs. Until Autumn last year, there was a fellow living there too but not any more. I assume she got some young rookie to do a bit of digging for her but failed to realise that you don’t start at the crack of dawn just because you feel like it. It reminded me of this scene in the Good Life when the Goods and the Leadbetters fall out.