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Peter Principle

Have you heard of the Peter principle? No, me neither until yesterday when I flipped open the newspaper. There was an article on the baby faced assassin and I came across it there.

For the uninformed, the Peter principle is a concept in management where people in hierarchy rise to their maximum level of incompetence!!!!

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When people disappoint…

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

In the real world, people do disappoint and I know that having experienced it umpteen times. However when it happened again recently, I was disappointed (again!). Haha!

Regular readers will know that since the first lockdown, our cleaner has become erratic. I would like to think that we have been kind to her like paying her even when she was not able to come due to genuine emergencies. However, I feel that she is beginning to take advantage of our kindness. Lots of empty promises and things are not getting done.

Last week, things came to a head. It wasn’t how I wanted it to be but something really had to be done because I don’t like to be lied to but then who does?? We had a good chat and I laid down the law (again!).

Hopefully things will improve but somehow I am not sure that this relationship is going to last for too long. It is such a shame because she started off so well. Finding a new cleaner is very difficult too.

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Fluent in nonsense

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“Are you the Vicar?” barked the woman who was standing at the door. Seconds earlier, I saw through the kitchen window a very angry woman, wearing bright yellow wellies marching towards the Vicarage door. We have a door bell but she opted to bang on the door.

I wasn’t eavesdropping. I just happened to be preparing breakfast in the kitchen when this happened.

She went on a rant demanding the Mhinisteir do something about her unhappiness there and then.

She is unhappy that the churchyard is getting in the way of her garden. Seriously???? Did she not consider that when she bought the house all that yonks ago????

What a start to our Monday morning!

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. A few years back, a newcomer to the village complained about the church bells. The matter even went to court after this individual displayed threatening behaviour. Why buy a house right next to the parish church if you want peace and quiet????

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Funny Old World

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The big news today is that the baby faced assassin aka health secretary has been caught doing something very naughty. Strangely the whole focus is on him not maintaining social distancing rules but nobody has even batted an eyelid over his alleged affair. As I listened to the World at one while preparing lunch, I had to chuckle because everyone who was interviewed focused on the secondary offence but were quick to say that the primary offence is a personal matter.

I am sure that in days gone by even the irreligious would have condemned his primary offence.

In the Ten Commandments, Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife comes after thou shalt not kill which makes me think that both these acts are equally wrong!!!!

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On Saturday morning when I opened the front door to bring the milk bottle in, I was faced with a battalion of what I can only describe as maggots! The porch was covered with these whitish grey creatures. Needless to say that the cool bag containing the milk bottle was crawling with them too. I just assumed that the torrential rain had brought these maggot out of the ground!

I was horrified to be later told that they were caterpillars!!!!!!!! Aren’t caterpillars not meant to be green in colour??? Maybe I was thinking of Colin the caterpillar but on a serious note I really thought that caterpillars are green in colour!!!!!

Another thing that happened that weekend was overnight the stormy weather had blown away ALL the leaves from a certain plant that was next to the porch. I didn’t like that plant (planted by a previous occupant) so I wasn’t at all sorry and quite frankly didn’t care.

Fast forward to today, I learnt that it was the caterpillars that had eaten all the leaves which explains why there was not a single leave on the ground!!!!!!!!!

This is what is left of the plant!!!

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Supermarket Substitute

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Since my last two blog posts have been on the “heavy” side, I thought I will write about something as mundane as my weekly shopping!

I had a bit of a senior moment yesterday when I couldn’t remember where I had left the newly purchased can of ironing starch.

Unfortunately, I still belong to what I assume will be a semi extinct group of people who still use starch to iron. I use it primarily for the Mhinisteir’s clerical shirts androbes.

I was quite sure that it had come with my Tesco delivery. By the way, I have had to reluctantly continue using Tesco on top of Ocado for my weekly shopping as there are just some things that I can’t get from Ocado like the ironing starch.

For a split second, I did wonder whether the can of ironing starch got “lost” like my bag of salad leaves!!!!!

The Mhinisteir suggested I look at the receipt and so I did. Phew! what a relief!!! The can of ironing starch was on the list but it had been substituted with a bottle of Tesco Fabric Freshener!!!! Yes, it was then that I remembered refusing it as it was a rubbish substitute. The substitute that takes the biscuit is when once I had ordered chocolate eclairs and received Chinese spring rolls instead!!!!

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Church Mafia

Another day and yet another safeguarding scandal in the Church of England! This time, the victim is the Canon Chancellor of Lincoln Cathedral. You can read about his ordeal here.

The good news is that it has been concluded that there was “no case to answer” but the bad news is that in the name of safeguarding, the Canon and his wife have been treated so badly that I am not sure that they can ever recover from this ordeal!

On the same day, I heard that ABC has apologised for something that is not even his business( The Bishop of St Davids had tweeted an ill judged comment about the current ruling party in the UK). If only, he could use his time more diligently and support and defend his own clergy in the CoE!

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What the dickens?

Photo by Laurentiu Robu on Pexels.com

POSTGRADUATES PASTOR screamed the advertisement in the latest Church Times. Hang on a minute. What on earth is a postgraduates pastor?

I was intrigued by the title and decided to read further. This church is a Church of England but just that they don’t seem to be very proud to be part of the CoE because there is no where in the advert this is mentioned. I had to go to their website to get this information and even then it is in very small print at the bottom of their webpage.

Anyway, back to the main story… They are basically looking for a Vicar for postgraduate students! Why? Will their usual Vicar not do? The advert ends by saying that many of these students have the potential to be future world leaders!

This jogged my memory to the time when the Mhinisteir was an ordinand in Edinburgh. We used to worship in a Church of Scotland that used to call itself a professional church meaning it was a church for high flying professionals! Its no wonder that the homeless man outside the church never came in!!!!

The Church of God is for everyone!

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Clerical Face Masks

This week, I got the Mhinisteir some clerical face masks made and sold by J Wippell UK who are suppliers of clerical wear. These masks are made in the United Kingdom which is a rarity these days. They come in a set of 5 in liturgical colours.

In other news, the Mhinisteir announced on Wednesday that he has “lost” many of his silk face masks. The next minute he looked at me accusingly suggesting that I might have lost them in the laundry!!!! How dare he?? By the way, he is not in my good books at the moment. Anyway, I went on the defensive and explained exactly how I wash and iron his masks and return them to him within 2 days of him DUMPING them!!!!

The Mhinisteir is someone who rarely loses things so I just found it hard to accept that he had lost so many. I was convinced that he had simply misplaced them.

I started turning out his pockets and going through his jackets. Within 5 minutes, I found ALL the masks in his jacket. I was pretty pleased with myself so I barged into his study holding all the masks in my hand like a trophy!!!!

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Salad Leaves, Milk & Johnny Walker

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

For some time now, unusual things have been happening whenever I do my grocery shopping.

For the last one month, I have been adding salad leaves to my online shopping basket but they never get delivered. Of course the easy thing to do would be to blame the supermarket but upon checking the receipt these salad leaves don’t appear on it at all!!!!

Initially I thought that I had forgotten to add them but for it to happen four weeks in a row meant that it was time to investigate. When it was time for me to order my next food shopping, I logged into Ocado’s website. Before I had even chosen a delivery slot, I noticed that there was an item in the shopping basket! Mmmm…. Strange I thought. I clicked on the basket to see what the item was and there were my salad leaves!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had obviously been failing to edit my shopping basket properly!!!

I thought that that was the end of it until 2 bottles of Johnny Walker arrived with my usual shopping delivery yesterday. 2 bottles???? I had only ordered one but the receipt says 2!!!!! The Whisky bottle is a gift for one of the Mhinisteir’s colleague. I am teetotal while the Mhinisteir is happy with communion wine so what am I to do with the other bottle of whisky? Thankfully the whisky will keep so we can gift it to someone at some point.

Today the milkman brought 2 bottles of milk!!!! Honestly I have just had about enough!!!! We only get ONE bottle three times a week!!! Aaarrgggghhh!!!!!! I would have loved to put the blame on the milkman but records show that I had indeed ordered two bottles!!!!!