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My week so far….

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on Pexels.com

I have been off colour for a few days now. I even spent the whole of yesterday in bed. The Mhinisteir thinks it is due to the disrupted sleep during our short break which has spectacularly upset my system!

The glorious weather has meant that the electric blanket has finally been packed away (again!) and the wee fan has made a grand appearance. It also has meant that I am having to leave the cool bag out for the milkman.

Yesterday, the postman brought a package like the one on Friday and this time he didn’t ring the bell and was able to put it through the letterbox so what was different on Friday??? The parcel was of the same size, from the same supplier and didn’t require a signature because it was a book that the Mhinisteir had ordered but unfortunately the supplier had sent him the wrong copy! The book that arrived yesterday was the correct one.

The strange looking house in our village has finally been sold!

I renewed our Private Eye subscription this morning and boy they certainly don’t make it easy. I HAD to login to my account and I couldn’t remember my password so I had to reset my password. Once I was logged on, I had to remember when our subscription will end which meant I had to go back to the original email. Finally when it came to pay, I realised that I had to pay £2 more because I preferred to pay by PAYPAL instead of direct debit! We enjoy reading the Private Eye immensely so it was worth it!

This morning, the Mhinisteir received an email asking if he would be willing to take on another Curate! I am not saying anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!