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Cambridge University and Its Absurd Policy

Photo by Scott Spedding on Pexels.com

A friend of mine has decided to embark on a postgraduate course at the University of Cambridge.

The good news is that she has been offered a place but the bad news is that she has to sit for an English test! Dorothy is a lecturer at a British Institution for over 30 years. As this is England, she obviously lectures in English so why the need for her to sit an English test???!!! The reason given is that she is not a British national!!!! According to the University of Cambridge, because she is of a different nationality she MUST sit for an English test at a cost of £85.00. How absurd is that? Dorothy did both her undergraduate and postgraduate studies at accredited universities in the United Kingdom. When Dorothy reasoned with the University, she was just sent a link to University’s website!!!!!

Here in England, theory driving tests are offered in 20 different languages when all the road signs are in English!!!!!! How about insisting that theory driving tests are held only in English which will make complete sense but to insist that someone like Dorothy sits for an English test makes a mockery of the system.