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Salad Leaves, Milk & Johnny Walker

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

For some time now, unusual things have been happening whenever I do my grocery shopping.

For the last one month, I have been adding salad leaves to my online shopping basket but they never get delivered. Of course the easy thing to do would be to blame the supermarket but upon checking the receipt these salad leaves don’t appear on it at all!!!!

Initially I thought that I had forgotten to add them but for it to happen four weeks in a row meant that it was time to investigate. When it was time for me to order my next food shopping, I logged into Ocado’s website. Before I had even chosen a delivery slot, I noticed that there was an item in the shopping basket! Mmmm…. Strange I thought. I clicked on the basket to see what the item was and there were my salad leaves!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had obviously been failing to edit my shopping basket properly!!!

I thought that that was the end of it until 2 bottles of Johnny Walker arrived with my usual shopping delivery yesterday. 2 bottles???? I had only ordered one but the receipt says 2!!!!! The Whisky bottle is a gift for one of the Mhinisteir’s colleague. I am teetotal while the Mhinisteir is happy with communion wine so what am I to do with the other bottle of whisky? Thankfully the whisky will keep so we can gift it to someone at some point.

Today the milkman brought 2 bottles of milk!!!! Honestly I have just had about enough!!!! We only get ONE bottle three times a week!!! Aaarrgggghhh!!!!!! I would have loved to put the blame on the milkman but records show that I had indeed ordered two bottles!!!!!