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Clerical Face Masks

This week, I got the Mhinisteir some clerical face masks made and sold by J Wippell UK who are suppliers of clerical wear. These masks are made in the United Kingdom which is a rarity these days. They come in a set of 5 in liturgical colours.

In other news, the Mhinisteir announced on Wednesday that he has “lost” many of his silk face masks. The next minute he looked at me accusingly suggesting that I might have lost them in the laundry!!!! How dare he?? By the way, he is not in my good books at the moment. Anyway, I went on the defensive and explained exactly how I wash and iron his masks and return them to him within 2 days of him DUMPING them!!!!

The Mhinisteir is someone who rarely loses things so I just found it hard to accept that he had lost so many. I was convinced that he had simply misplaced them.

I started turning out his pockets and going through his jackets. Within 5 minutes, I found ALL the masks in his jacket. I was pretty pleased with myself so I barged into his study holding all the masks in my hand like a trophy!!!!