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My week so far…

Photo by Adriana MIU on Pexels.com

It is only Tuesday and I am dead tired. I haven’t been sleeping properly for several days and it is beginning to affect me. Furthermore, July has been a busy month. For someone who rarely socialises, I had two social events to attend and that has taken a lot out of me. I will write more about the social events in another post.

Church on Sunday turned out to be wonderful. In the service I attended, all were wearing masks and we were socially distanced!

In the last three days, I have received two bouquets of flowers. One was a bouquet of Alstromeria while the other was a bouquet made up of beautiful smelling sweet peas. They were both from parishioners from different villages. How very kind! It definitely cheered me up!

At one point, I had so much to write but now I can’t think of any of them! It just goes to show how tired I am.

Hopefully things will improve….