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International Left Handers Day

Did you know that today is International Left Handers Day ? I didn’t know there was such a thing until I got a message from my right handed sibling this morning!

Since it is International Left handers Day today, I have reposted the blog that I wrote and posted in November 2019.

Photo by Meruyert Gonullu on Pexels.com

Yes, I am left handed and am proud of it.  Since childhood, I knew I was a little different because I was the only child in my class who would draw circles anti- clockwise!!!

However, I didn’t know that this was the reason why I couldn’t tell the time by looking at the analog clock that was in our family home!!!

As I became an adult I realised that most things are not leftie friendly like when I used to go to the bank and when asked to sign documents, the chain that is attached to the pen is never long enough

Recently I was making a mental list of some of the pros and cons of being left handed and the following is how my list looks like:-


  • left handed cheque book – courtesy of the Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Many famous people in the world are left handed😬


  • unable to knit as I can’t follow the pattern.
  • unable to use an ordinary potato peeler.
  • inconvenient to use Filofax, diaries etc.
  • almost impossible to learn Calligraphy as it is more suited for right handed people even though I have just finished learning the basics after a long struggle.
  • when greeting someone with a hug/kiss I ALWAYS go the wrong way and it is so embarrassing