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Chinese Lion Dance in the middle of the night!

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

Our weather together with some of the trees in the churchyard have turned autumnal even though it is only August. It was cold last night so the heating in the Vicarage which is controlled by a thermostat came on Some of you may know that most Vicarages are old houses with old heating systems. Our heating system makes a bit of a noise at certain times of the night but we have grown accustomed to it. However, what happened last night was unexplainable!

As mentioned in the start, I was rudely awoken by various clanging noises which I can only describe as like the ones that is played by the Chinese Lion dance troupe. Why this analogy? I have no idea. The clanging stopped after a while but the drums went on all night!! By 3am, I was wide awake, staring through my eye mask!!!!!

Needless to say that I woke up feeling tired and grumpy! Here’s hoping that the Lion dance troupe go elsewhere tonight!!!!