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Unusual Blog Name

Photo by Jimmy Chan on Pexels.com

Recently, I came across a WordPress blog entitled Diary of an Inmate.

The Church of England including our own diocese do a lot of work in prisons. I too have always been interested in the struggles faced by inmates behind bars. I am also mindful that all over the world, there are innocent people who find themselves in prison.

How is it possible to blog when in prison??? One loses all their freedom but then again I remember reading about a man who was face timing his brother in prison!!!! I had far too many questions and the only way to get answers was to actually start reading the blog and that is exactly what I did….I must confess that I have yet to read all the posts.

I was initially disappointed to discover that this individual isn’t a prison inmate! The disappointment turned to amazement and awe the moment I realised that this individual is convalescing in a care home here in the UK after contracting Covid-19. I believe they have been there since July 2020. The blog tells me that they even had to learn how to walk!

I am full of admiration for this individual because I don’t know of anybody who blogs while in a care home! I know I won’t because I will be too busy feeling sorry for myself!!!

Three Cheers to Diary of an Inmate.