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Peter Corby | One of Britain’s greatest inventors

I was saddened to hear of the demise of Peter Corby, the man behind the Corby Trouser Press.

It used to be that all good hotel rooms in the UK had a trouser press. The ones that we stayed in always had one. Once, I even tried to crease out my blouse in one. It wasn’t a disaster but they are best left to trousers!!! These days when most people seem to live out in jeans, the trouser press seems obsolete. I imagine that most millennials would never have heard of such an invention!!!!

The trouser press may have gone out of fashion in the UK but It appears to be still very popular around the world.

I am proud to reveal that we have a Corby trouser press in the Vicarage. The Mhinisteir will be lost without it!

I was shocked to learn that Peter Corby’s name never went into the Queen’s honours list. What a terrible shame! It is people like Corby who should have made it to the honours list.