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Bumbling BT

Photo by Tetyana Kovyrina on Pexels.com

I know I promised to write about BT (British Telecom) and so here it is….

Our The Mhinisteir’s tussle with BT started in July and came to a head yesterday. Regular readers will know that the Mhinisteir is a very patient man and even he couldn’t cope with BT’s shenanigans!

This is how it began…. early in July, we received a letter from BT offering us the opportunity to have fibre broadband. After some consideration, we decided to take it up since broadband services in rural area is quite patchy.

In the Vicarage, the Mhinisteir is in charge of all things telephony so he phoned BT to accept their offer. He was told that a BT engineer will turn up on August the 9th to do some work in the Vicarage. It was the day that we were due to go away on holiday but we decided that we will depart once the BT engineer had been.

On the Thursday before the 9th, when the tree surgeon and his chum were chopping down the conifer trees, two BT engineers came. They needed to do some work outside which was fine.

By the way, nobody turned up on the 9th. When the Mhinisteir phoned BT, they gave him one of their lies and gave him another date. Instead, someone banged on the door the day before the appointment claiming to be from BT and wanting to be let in. The Mhinisteir denied access as the appointment was only for the next day and he was going to be in meetings all day. Furthermore, this person didn’t have any identification to say that they were from BT.

By now, I think you can guess where this is heading…… right enough the BT engineer didn’t turn up on the date that he was supposed to come. Again the Mhinsiteir had to phone BT and they spinned another wonderful tale. Apparently for the first time in the working life of the operator, the contractor got the date wrong! Once again a new date was fixed, this time for September the 10th!

However, the Mhinisteir got a text message yesterday to say that the appointment has to be cancelled and can they please give him a new date!

The Mhinisteir phoned BT to tell them that he has a very busy job and can’t sit around waiting for BT to appear and so to cancel the request for fibre broadband. I say well done to him!!!!