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From the Vicarage Library | On Confidence by The School of Life

Last week, I had an unusual request from the Mhinisteir. He wanted me to read a little red book entitled On Confidence which is part of a series of books by The School of Life. He needed a little feedback!

I would not have read this book on my own accord but since the Mhinisteir asked, I decided to oblige.

I would never have described myself as confident but this book has informed me otherwise which has come as a total surprise but much welcomed!

This little book is easy to read with only 93 pages but I was disturbed by the coarse language.

I was also surprised to learn that confidence is a skill. I thought you are born with it!

However, as a Christian I cannot agree with the book. For example, it said that sometimes even our own family members will become jealous of our success and in circumstances like that, we should explain our situation to ease the tension. Quite frankly, it is a very naive way of operation. In life, nothing is as simple as that because if it was Cain would never have killed Abel!