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Lost Brooch

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

I have had a beautiful Swarovski brooch with gold leaves. It was a wedding present from my childhood friend. I used it to church very often.

The last time I saw it was about 3 months ago. I had left it on the dressing table hoping to return it to the jewellery box in due course but that never happened. It was during this time that we were provided with a replacement cleaner as our regular one was off sick. We know the replacement cleaner as she had been before when our regular cleaner was recuperating from surgery. Unusually, the replacement cleaner started bringing along one of her colleagues. She just sprung it on me one day and I had no choice but to say yes but unfortunately it became a weekly occurance. By the way, pre Covid19, I used to discreetly supervise the cleaner but because of Covid19, the arrangement with the cleaner is that they let themselves in and do the cleaning while I remain in one of the rooms until they leave.

Anyway, by the time I discovered that the brooch was missing, the replacement cleaner had already quit her job and moved to another country! I am tempted to put two and two together but I know I must not. I do hope that one day the brooch will turn up.