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Wasted on Waitrose!

Photo by Giftpundits.com on Pexels.com

About a month ago, I got some money off vouchers in the post from Waitrose. I haven’t shopped with them since the pandemic and so chucked the vouchers inside my “shredding” basket.

A few days ago, the Mhinisteir gave me his Christmas gift list for his colleagues which reminded me of the vouchers from Waitrose. I quickly retrieved them from the “shredding” basket and after reading the terms and conditions decided to get all the presents from Waitrose online. I was only meant to spend an hour ordering the presents but ended up spending two and half hours and but no presents!!!

The problems started when I went to the online checkout… The first problem was that some of the things in the basket were out of stock! I had to “shop again”. The second time I went to the checkout it refused to accept the money off vouchers as the delivery date I had chosen was after the vouchers had expired! When I tried to check out for the third time, it said that because I had a newspaper in my basket, the delivery time has to be after 3pm!!!!!! Aarrrggggghhhhh!!!!! It was a complimentary paper so I can definitely do without as we get our daily papers delivered; but who reads their newspapers after 3pm???? The people that I know and I include myself in this read the papers in the morning. The fourth time I tried to check out, it said that the voucher was still not valid as I had to spend £100 instead of the £80; this time it was my fault. On top of all this, I had to pay a £3 delivery charge and if that was not bad enough, the items will come without bags!!!!!! At this point, I cancelled my order and went to do the ironing!!!