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Vanishing neighbours

Photo by David Gonzales on Pexels.com

Our neighbours have vanished. Before I continue, let me give you a bit of background information….

Our neighbours are a young unmarried couple with no children. The female is quite heavily tattooed (just saying😁). When we first moved to the Vicarage, they were a little suspicious of us. Thankfully, we managed to break the ice even without us realising it. Being quite well versed in rural living, we (the Mhinisteir I mean) without second thoughts started bringing their bin in together with ours. Our young neighbours thought that we were awfully kind and they began to do the same; that is if they remembered!!!

However, we have not seen the both of them since summer this year. Every week, their bin mysteriously makes it to the collection point but never makes it back which means that the Mhinisteir has been bringing back both our bins every single week!!!!

Their garden which is usually tidy is in a terrible state but strangely somebody has been cutting the grass.

I find it all so mysterious; the Mhinisteir thinks that I am reading far too many murder mystery novels!!!!!