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Pot calling kettle black!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The latest Private Eye which arrived on Wednesday contains a story about a certain Prime Minister from one of the South Asian countries. I do not wish to name him or his country in case I inadvertently cause a diplomatic row! However, I will drop a few hints. He used to be a famous cricket player and was once married to a Goldsmith (I am here referring to the surname not the occupation!😁)

According to the Private Eye, this PM did not attend the COP26 conference in Glasgow on the advise of his current wife who is a spiritualist; rumour is that she was afraid that he might meet up with his former wife in the UK! The article went on to add that when it came to the governance of his country, the South Asian PM takes instructions from his wife much to the annoyance of his ministers and officials.

Does this not remind you of another Prime Minister nearer home??? 😁