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First time ever!

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I have just done the unthinkable; I have entered a short story competition!!!!!!! For someone like me who in real life comes across as a loser shy, timid and quiet, this is a very big deal. You wouldn’t think that reading my blog would you😁??? I am so proud of myself.

As a little girl, I loved writing stories but it soon got overshadowed by life and work but over the last few years that love has been rekindled thanks to blogging. Blogging has given me the confidence that I was lacking and so when I saw an advert for a short story competition, I didn’t even think twice about entering.

Of course I would love to win but I also know that this being my very first short story that is highly unlikely. I know I will be slightly disappointed if I didn’t win but I have also learnt the very hard lesson that in life not everything is about winning and that participation is equally important.

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A different week than usual

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This week has been different. Since Monday, we have been away from the vicarage as the Mhinisteir is on official church business. He goes off every morning and only returns late in the evening.

I knew I would have plenty of time and so brought some of the vicarage administrative work and a good book to pass my time. Unfortunately, I have hardly got any of the work done as I have spent most of my time in bed though I have been dipping in and out of the book. I will write more about the book when I am finished with it.

I am looking forward to returning to the vicarage tomorrow but before then the Mhinisteir has promised me a good dinner tonight.

Hope you have a good weekend!

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The vicar’s wife who writes adult fiction

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I have been reading about a vicar’s wife who writes adult fiction to supplement her husband’s stipend. She had written an anonymous article in the Telegraph which I missed so I first read about her in the Church Times. I have since managed to read the full article that appeared in the Telegraph online.

I am not sure what to make of her choice of occupation. All I would say is that I couldn’t even bring myself to type the ‘e’ word so changed it to adult fiction; but it has highlighted a serious problem that was mentioned in the recent General Synod: Clergy Poverty.

There are many clergy who have to bring up a family on a clergy stipend but then there are some who have a joint income of about £100,000 and claim to live in poverty.

It was heartening to hear that we are not the only ones who survive on just the stipend alone because non of the other clergy I know are in this position. They all have their spouses working and have a house for when they retire.

However, as I have previously written somewhere in this blog, this is the vocation that the Mhinisteir has chosen and I fully support him. Actually, life is a lot less complicated when you don’t have millions in the bank 🤣!

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It’s today,” squeaked Piglet. “My favorite day,” said Pooh.”

Today has been an odd day so unlike Pooh, I can’t say that it is my favourite day!

I got up, had a shower and spent the whole morning in bed as I am not feeling great. Just the usual health woes. Some days are better than others.

Unusually, I have nothing in my notebook for the blog either. It is really strange because I am usually jotting something down for future blog posts. Maybe I have writer’s block.

Thankfully, I don’t have to write for a living so I am under no pressure to churn out blog posts however I do know that there are some very loyal readers who faithfully read ALL my blogposts. I am eternally grateful to them for making me feel important😁.

I hope to be back tomorrow with something a little more interesting.

Watch the space!

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Fallen out of love… with Wordle

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What I am about to write might shock my blogger friend Anne who blogs at Mehrling Muse but I have just had about enough with Wordle!

When I first discovered Wordle some weeks ago, I was excited. I enjoyed trying to solve the puzzle at the close of most days.

After a nice hot bath, I would jump into bed with my old ipad and try and solve the puzzle. I usually was able to solve the puzzle in under 10 minutes and will move on swiftly to read the day’s newspapers for the second time!

A few days after it was announced that Wordle had been sold to the New York Times, I discovered that I was no longer able to access Wordle on my old ipad. Fair enough I thought as my ipad is old. It just meant that I was not able play Wordle in the comfort of my bed.

Anyway, I continued playing Wordle on my laptop in my study but that was short lived. No matter how hard I tried, I just wasn’t able to solve the puzzles. The usual methods just didn’t work. Later on I read somewhere that since the take over, the New York Times has made puzzle solving harder! What a shame!

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Dudley, Eunice & Franklin

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No, they are not my friends dear reader but these are the names of the storms that have been battering the United Kingdom since last week.

In our part of the country, Storm Dudley started on Wednesday night. The whooshing and the whistling sounds of the wind kept me awake most of the night while the Mhinisteir slept peacefully. Typical! The next day apart from a handful of one minute power cuts, all was well.

Come Friday, it was a totally different story. This time it was Storm Eunice. We had already been warned by the meteorological office about the severity of Eunice and that enabled us to make some contingency plans. I started work on our lunch much earlier than usual in order for us to have our big meal at lunch time so that in the event of a power cut, we would have had at least one hot meal that day . True to the weather warnings, shortly after our lunch the power went off and didn’t return until 7pm that evening!

The Mhinisteir assured me that Saturday would be much calmer. Saturday started off well but by lunch time, the winds were getting stronger and stronger. Like Friday, the power went off just after lunch time and wasn’t restored until almost close to midnight! We did manage to have a home cooked hot meal thanks to my clever planning😁.

However, I was a bit grumpy by the time power was restored because firstly I was cold even under a duvet and two thick blankets!!! Secondly, I had to wait until power was restored to wash my hair. It’s my Saturday night ritual for Church on Sunday. This way, on Sunday mornings, I can have a quick shower and not hog the bathroom. In my haste to get to bed, I went to sleep with wet hair which resulted in me looking like Jedward the next morning! Thankfully I was able to hide my hair with a smart hat!

On Sunday, in church, the gospel reading from the lectionary was from Mark 4:35-41 on Jesus calming the storm. How apt! Coincidence? I think not.

Today, as I write this, we are being battered by Storm Franklin!

I don’t how you are feeling but I am shattered but thankful after having witnessed and survived these storms!

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A heavy heart…

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One of the things that I enjoy doing as a rural vicar’s wife is sending flowers to parishioners who are in need of cheering up especially during an illness or after suffering a bereavement.

I tend to do this on occasions when I find myself struggling to express myself in a card. It is amazing how flowers are able to express the emotions that I am struggling to put pen to paper.

I found myself in such a situation last week when I found out that a faithful parishioner who has become a very good friend to us both had received a devastating medical diagnosis.

It took a good few days for the news to sink in.

After that, I went to my trusted online florist, Scilly flowers to send a small bouquet to said parishioner. As I was going through the ordering process, I was prompted by a question asking if I wanted to save this individual’s address in my address book. Normally without even giving it a second thought, I would click ‘yes’ but on this occasion I was overcome with great sadness because I knew that this was going to be the first and last bouquet that I will be sending to this individual on this side of heaven.

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Gorillas & Chanel No 5

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It was reported in the Sunday Times newspaper that a zoo in London uses perfumes and aftershaves to provide sensory enrichment games fo its western lowland gorillas, Asiatic lions and Sumatran tigers. Perfumes and aftershaves are sprayed on posts, empty sacks or on the animals directly so that they can play.

The article goes on to mention Zaire, a gorilla who lived at the zoo until her death in 2020. Zaire loved perfume so much that zoo keepers would line up different perfume bottles in her enclosure allowing her to point to the one that she fancied that day. According to her keepers, she would always point at Coco or Chanel No 5! She must have been a right ‘little’ madam!🤣🤣


Rome — Life Through Basia’s Eyes

Our first day in Rome was already a hundred times better than the last time we were here about seven or eight years ago. That time was in November, and good only for the new spectacle frames I bought. Hoping for more frames this time too, but not that important. Anyway we flew in at […]

Rome — Life Through Basia’s Eyes

For those who are still unable to travel, I hope that you will get some comfort from reading about my blogger friend Basia’s recent trip to Rome. She has published it in three instalments. This is just the first.

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That’s not how you spell it!

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Most weekday evenings, just before dinner, I like to try my hand at the latest craze that is Wordle. Most days I get the words right but there are days when I don’t; its usually because I am already tired and my brain doesn’t co-operate!

I had one of those days last week or so I thought. I was already on the last try and I just wasnt’ gettting the word no matter how hard I tried. I gave up. I typed a five letter word and pressed enter so that at least I will know what the correct word was.

Imagine my shock when I discovered that the word for that day was HUMOR. That was when the penny dropped for me that the game uses American English. At that moment, I felt short changed.