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Fallen out of love… with Wordle

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

What I am about to write might shock my blogger friend Anne who blogs at Mehrling Muse but I have just had about enough with Wordle!

When I first discovered Wordle some weeks ago, I was excited. I enjoyed trying to solve the puzzle at the close of most days.

After a nice hot bath, I would jump into bed with my old ipad and try and solve the puzzle. I usually was able to solve the puzzle in under 10 minutes and will move on swiftly to read the day’s newspapers for the second time!

A few days after it was announced that Wordle had been sold to the New York Times, I discovered that I was no longer able to access Wordle on my old ipad. Fair enough I thought as my ipad is old. It just meant that I was not able play Wordle in the comfort of my bed.

Anyway, I continued playing Wordle on my laptop in my study but that was short lived. No matter how hard I tried, I just wasn’t able to solve the puzzles. The usual methods just didn’t work. Later on I read somewhere that since the take over, the New York Times has made puzzle solving harder! What a shame!