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First time ever!

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I have just done the unthinkable; I have entered a short story competition!!!!!!! For someone like me who in real life comes across as a loser shy, timid and quiet, this is a very big deal. You wouldn’t think that reading my blog would you😁??? I am so proud of myself.

As a little girl, I loved writing stories but it soon got overshadowed by life and work but over the last few years that love has been rekindled thanks to blogging. Blogging has given me the confidence that I was lacking and so when I saw an advert for a short story competition, I didn’t even think twice about entering.

Of course I would love to win but I also know that this being my very first short story that is highly unlikely. I know I will be slightly disappointed if I didn’t win but I have also learnt the very hard lesson that in life not everything is about winning and that participation is equally important.