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Zebra Drive

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

With the days drawing in, the temperature slowly dropping and daily reminders of the bleak state the world is in, I needed a book to take me to a warm and happy place. After much thought, I decided to revisit Botswana in the form of Alexander Mccall Smith’s The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency !

Regular readers will know that I am a fan of his. I love the way he goes into details. Recently, some friends told me that even though they found Richard Coles latest novel, murder before evensong interesting, they thought that he had spent too much time on the first three chapters filling them on details! I haven’t read his book yet but I love details!

I went ahead and bought second hand copies of the first few books from the series. I remember reading them for the first time when we were still living in the Scottish Highlands. I had borrowed the books from the library. The books brought such comfort to me during the harsh winter months but somehow I couldn’t remember the story.

The books arrived safely on Wednesday which according to the Times newspaper was Smith’s birthday! What a coincidence!

I have already started reading the first book “The No1 Ladies Detective Agency” but still don’t recall much at all except that I had wanted to pursue my long term dream of becoming an agony aunt! I never pursued that dream! Maybe one day I will!šŸ¤£

However, I am so excited to read about all the comings and goings in Zebra Drive which is where the residence of the main character Precious Ramotswe is!