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Painted Faces

Photo by Dan Cristian Pu0103dureu021b on Pexels.com

This week, thanks to the Sunday Times, I learnt that a Miss England contestant has decided to compete without any make up!

That made me think….. I am someone for whom personal grooming and appearance is very important. When I say personal grooming, I am referring to a well brushed hair and a bit of colour on the face. Until today, I have stuck to the three items that my mother taught me to use on my face – foundation, eyeliner and a bright lipstick. I use them all the time even when I am just home which is often the case. I dress up for myself as I find that a bit of make up and dressing up gives me confidence in myself and to interact with others. It also means that I will never be caught underdressed!

The nasty bug that I recently caught meant that I wasn’t well enough to go to church for a few weeks which was really disappointing. I decided to watch online services and started watching Anglican church services in different continents! One week it was the continent of Africa – their church services start at 7am (their time)! I think it is way too early. I struggle with our own service time which is two hours later. I still prefer the Scottish time of 11am!

As I was watching the service and trying to pay attention to all that was done and said, I couldn’t help noticing that the worshippers were well dressed. They were looking bright eyed and bushy tailed even at that time of the morning! The women especially were looking very good with their hair coiffed and with a bit of colour on their faces. They were very pretty to look at and reminded me of some of my fellow bloggers who always look as if they are ready to have tea with the Queen of England! 😁