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Today’s News

Photo by Artem Saranin on Pexels.com

Hello and welcome! I am still struggling to come up with daily content for this blog. There is plenty happening in life as a vicar’s wife front but my mind seems to be tired. I know I can take a break from blogging but I also know through some of the lovely messages that I have received in the past that I have a small group of ardent fans whom I would hate to disappoint. Furthermore it is also good discipline for me to sit down and write something every day even if it is boring…..

Something exciting happened last week. I almost became a victim of fraud (yet again). This time someone tried to enter my details in some payment app. It was a very scary experience as this person had been trying to get in touch by telephone. The question is how much do they know about me? Anyway, the card got cancelled yet again! It is such an inconvenience but I cannot complain because no money was taken out.

Now to the boring news. Yesterday I read in Times2 – the Times of London’s supplement that the domestic goddess and I have something in common. We both use the online supermarket Ocado and Method’s Wild Rhubarb all purpose cleaner. Big deal🙄!!!! I am not a fan of Nigella Lawson. I don’t hate her but I struggle with her oohs and aahs🤣.