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The Day Our Old Television Came Out Of The Cupboard!

Photo by Photography Maghradze PH on Pexels.com

Regular readers will by now know that here in the vicarage, we don’t watch television and thus our old television collects dust in an old cupboard. However, all that changed on Monday! Why? The Mhinisteir and I wanted to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022! We are not football mad but enjoy a good game of football especially the World Cup. We had waited for four long years for this and so were not going to allow the controversies to mar our enjoyment.

The big question was…. will the television work because for the last 5 years it had been sitting in the cupboard gathering dust. It was given to us by someone so we felt that it would be disrespectful to give it away! When the Mhinisteir finally took the television out of the cupboard, it was covered in thick dust. After wiping it clean, he tried to set it up. Unfortunately it was unsuccessful. With technology constantly changing, we assumed that our television was just too old to cope with modern technology. However, the Mhinisteir discovered online that it probably just needed retuning which did solve the problem! Just to put the record straight, we first bought the required TV licence before setting up the television.

The good news is we will get to enjoy good football for the next one month. The other good news is the television will go back into the cupboard after the World Cup Final on 18 December 2022!!