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Introverted Problems

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

I am an introvert and by that I mean an introvert in the traditional sense not the modern version where people call themselves introverts but are also the loudest in a room!

Today I would like to give you a little glimpse into life as an introverted vicar’s wife living in a vicarage.

It is common knowledge that the vicarage is both the place of work and the family home of the vicar. In theory, the vicar is expected to conduct all his business in his study but this is almost impossible given the smallness of the study so the meetings always spill into the living room on the ground floor. I assume multi parish benefice is a new thing as the vicarage studies are not suitable for more than 3! There is only one problem – I do not have private access to any other rooms without the people seeing me or worst still bumping into me! Furthermore the vicarage is built in such a way that wherever I am in the vicarage, the people in the living room can hear me especially if I am on the phone. The Mhinisteir doesn’t see a problem with this but I do! For this reason, whenever there is a meeting on which is often, I shut myself in my study and work on my blog!

People also have the tendency to arrive half an hour before the meeting which means that I can’t saunter about in the kitchen having a leisurely breakfast. Either they will see me in my jimjams through the kitchen window or bump into me with my bed hair in the hallway!

If you are an introvert reading this, I am very sure you can understand my predicament.