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Tea In Bed!

Photo by koko rahmadie on Pexels.com

Tuesday 24th of January 2023

Since last May, I have picked up a new habit – to have a cup of tea first thing in the morning. I never used to drink tea until I became a vicar’s wife and that is only if we were visiting someone. I don’t drink coffee as it is too strong for my stomach. In case you are wondering what I drank in the morning…. it was just a cup of hot water!

Anyway, my new habit caused a desire in me to own a Teasmade. Teasmade is a machine that makes tea automatically. It used to be very popular in the olden days. It is roughly the size of a toaster and it is meant for the bedside table allowing one to have tea in bed first thing in the morning without having to leave one’s warm bed especially on cold winter months. Some of my older readers may know all about Teasmade. After much research, I placed an order for one with the monetary gift that I got for my birthday from my family. The Teasmade arrived last Wednesday, just two days after I had placed my order! I was delighted!

We had our first cup of tea the next day and it was bliss. It is very therapeutic listening to the water boil.. As Teasmade also comes with an alarm, we decided to set the alarm for the following morning. The next day, we had yet another cup of lovely tea courtesy of teasmade. I like the fact that the tea gets made first before the alarm goes off! We decided to set the alarm slightly earlier for Sunday but the tea wasn’t ready when we got up and the alarm hadn’t gone off either! Upon investigation, I discovered that I had set the alarm for half seven instead of seven! Thankfully there is a button that allows us to have a cuppa when we want it which is what we did.

I was initially very reluctant to purchase a Teasmade as I didn’t want to buy something which we would only use until the novelty wore off. However I am pleased to say that after using it every day, it has been an excellent purchase and I can see us using it for a very long time. I am also very pleased that we can use tea leaves which is my preferred option. Oh by the way, a netizen assumed that Teasmade has the ability to magically turn water into tea without the need for teabags/leaves!!!!!!