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Killjoy or Wetblanket?

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This time next week, here in the United Kingdom many will be celebrating Her Majesty the Queen’s platinum jubilee anniversary. We have two days of bank holiday to celebrate Her Majesty’s seventy years of service.

Unfortunately, I will not be among those who will be celebrating. I am all for having a church service to mark this day and to thank God for Her Majesty’s life and reign but it seems very inappropriate to be having a nationwide celebration when many in the country are having to decide between eating and heating.

Personally, I had hoped that HM would have requested the nation to have a subdued celebration in light of all that has happened in the world in the last three years but alas it didn’t happen!

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Another broken window!

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For the 3rd time in 2 years, we have a broken window! Once again caused by a small rogue stone that was sent flying when the gardener was cutting the grass. The stone hit one of the vicarage windows and caused the glass in the window to shatter into thousands of pieces.

Thankfully we spotted it quickly and were able to bring it up with the gardener who has graciously agreed to pay for the damage.

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Trip to the Cathedral

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One Sunday in early May, the Mhinisteir and I were invited to attend a special evensong in the cathedral followed by light refreshments. I was a little excited about the trip.

Our cathedral is always cold so I decided to add a layer of thermal wear under my spring frock. We had to be there about half an hour before evensong commenced as the Mhinisteir had to robe.

We rarely sit together in church services because he is usually presiding or like on this occasion part of the procession which meant that he together with the rest of the procession were seated away from us.

I managed to sit with someone I know. That worked out well as we had plenty to chat about before the service. It was only when I was there that I realised what a grand event it was as it was attended not only by the local mayor but also by the Queen’s representative.

The cathedral was quite full but very few were wearing masks. I was among the few and kept it on at all times which meant that I didn’t partake in the refreshments.

All in all, it was a good trip to the cathedral especially as the sun was shining.

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3 in 1 of what exactly?

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We have almost always only used liquid detergent for laundry but with the rising cost of everything, we have had to re-evaluate our decision making. I have been observing that the large bottle of Persil never lasts for 54 washes as it says on the bottle. Instead, it only lasts us for about 25 washes.

It was during this time that I came across a box of unused pods in the laundry detergent cupboard and started using them. That got me thinking. I realised that with the pods I neither overuse nor underuse detergent.

I duly bought the Persil pods when the liquid detergent ran out and so far I am very pleased with the purchase. However, I have only one question for the producers. It says 3 in 1 pods but nowhere in the pack does it say what the 3 refers to?

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No iron?

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Several weeks ago, I read about a woman who hasn’t owned an iron in the last 40 years! In case you are wondering how she irons her clothes, she simply doesn’t. She said that it was not worth her time and money.

For someone who irons even her tea towels I was shocked and still am. Since then I have also been reading of more and more people who don’t own an iron.

Personally, I would be very embarrassed to be seen in an un ironed item of clothing.

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Light Humour

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Are you having a bad day? Hope the following will provide you with some light humour.

These appeared in the latest Private Eye in a column called Dumb Britain.

Tipping Point, ITV

Ben Shephard: What kind of animal is a Bavarian mountain hound?

Contestant: A Cat.


Pointless, BBC One

Alexander Armstrong: We are looking for a country that took part in the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Contestant: North Korea


Source: Private Eye Issue 1573, Dumb Britain, Page 18

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It better be worth my 瞿5!

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I have done it again! I have once again entered another online short story writing competition. This is the second time I have entered one. After having worked on my short story for 8 weeks, I managed to press the send button on Monday. I had to pay 瞿5 to enter so I sincerely hope that it is money well spent. I almost didn’t make it as there were obstacles along the way so I am pretty chuffed that I persevered.

In case you are wondering, I didn’t win the first one. I made an almighty mess on that one. I got the word count totally wrong. I am not sure how that happened but it did happen and it almost happened again but thankfully I have learnt my lesson now.

I promise not to bore you with more short story writing tales in future blog posts.

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72hr deodorant?

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Why does anyone need a deodorant that lasts 72 hours? Is it because people no longer have daily showers? These were the question asked by a male letter writer to one national newspaper.

I don’t have the answers to his questions but it certainly made me sit up and pay attention to his letter!

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Unauthorised Transaction

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One late morning a fortnight ago, I received a text message from our credit card company saying that they suspect a fradulent activity on my card and so to contact them if I don’t recognise the transaction details.

The transaction was made in Marks and Spencer. I certainly hadn’t used my card and I knew that the Mhinisteir couldn’t have as he was in the middle of a mid week communion service.

I phoned the number given and I spoke to someone whom I assumed was based in India. She asked for my card number. As I was giving out the number, I could hear traffic noise. I paused and asked if she was really from John Lewis partnershipcard – our credit card providers. Just then the line went dead!

I began to panic.

I rang the number on the back of my card and again I was confronted with the same accent who once again asked for my card number. I seriously was confused. Were they really the John Lewis call centre? I expressed my concern to them and they said they understood but that they needed my card number. I told them I needed a bit of time and that I will ring them again.

I didn’t have a problem with the foreign accent but it was just the traffic noise and the lack of confidence in their voices that startled me. I decided to distract myself and instead phoned my parents for our daily catchup.

After that, I decided to take the bull by its horn and phone John Lewis. By then, my online access was blocked too. Again, It was the same accent and a not very confident person on the other end. I told her about my card troubles and she said that they will send a new card out to me as they have already cancelled my current card and that it would take between 3-5 working days. Between the Mhinisteir and I we only have the one credit card and we use it to pay for our groceries and bills. How was I to pay for anything until my new card arrives? According to John Lewis, we would still be able to use the Mhinisteir’s card. I thanked her and rang off.

When the Mhinisteir came back in the afternoon, I told him what had happened and he was displeased. He felt that I shouldn’t have read out my card details to the person whose line got disconnected. I was very disappointed with him. I still am. Needless to say that dinner that evening was a quiet affair. I just didn’t have anything to say to him!

I still didn’t feel at ease about the whole John Lewis affair and the Mhinisteir’s reaction only made it worse. It was only when I received my replacement card in the post seven days later that I breathed a sigh of relief.

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Easter Embarrassment

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Last week I wrote about my Easter Monday Mayhem where I touched on what happened on Easter Sunday. I promised to follow up with another blog post and so here it is.

The Mhinisteir and I were both running slightly late on Easter Sunday. Partly because of the burnt breakfast and partly because of the faulty window that I wrote about yesterday. The truth is I just wasn’t well.

We arrived in church two minutes before the service was due to start. We are never late so the churchwardens began to panic.

Anyway, I went into the church after the Mhinisteir. I sanitised my hands and saw that there was only one set of books. I looked around and there were no other books. The couple sitting near the table looked at me and so I said hello. I grabbed that one set of book but for some reason felt a little uneasy so I went up to the church warden who was “messing” about at the back of the church and asked if it was ok to take the last set of books that were on the table. She went “those belong to him”. It was then that I realised that I had taken the man’s books. Oh help! I went to the man, apologised and gave him his books back. Why on earth did he leave his books on the main table?

I was a little displeased with the church wardens because they were clearly unprepared for the number of people who came to church that Easter Sunday and they were not making any effort to get me a set of books either.

Anyway, I didn’t have time to wait around for the books and in any case I know most of the responses by heart. When it came to the hymns, I knew that with a mask on nobody will know if I am singing!

I walked straight to the front of the church in full view of those already seated and asked my best friend in church if I could join him. Thankfully he said yes. It was at that point that the church warden came running to me with a set of books and by then I was flustered!

After church, I went up to the man and apologised to him once again. We started chatting and he asked me where I lived so I just pointed to the Mhinisteir who was busy shaking the hands of the faithful. The man was genuinely shocked to learn that I am the Mhinisteir’s other half. I don’t know what to make of that!