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Our A380 Experience

About 6 years ago, we took a long haul Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt Airport in Germany to our holiday destination. Our flight was at about 11.30pm Frankfurt time.

By the time, we arrived at the airport in Frankfurt we were so tired. The journey to Frankfurt airport from our Highland home in Scotland was a long one.  We were hungry and were struggling to find a place at Frankfurt airport to have something to eat for they were all shutting up for the night.

Alas, our plane started boarding.  What a relief! It was a long flight. I can’t sleep on planes so the 14 hour plus flight felt like a 24 hour flight!!!

After we arrived at our destination, I was desperate to get out of the plane to get some fresh air and to stretch my legs. As we walked out of the plane onto the air bridge and finally into the airport.  We saw many people taking photos with their mobile phone.

The Mhinisteir and I were intrigued by their actions and decided to stop and observe  why these people were busy clicking away!

We saw a humungous plane on the tarmac and it was this plane that was being photographed.  The Mhinisteir and I were mesmerised by this plane.  It had two levels just like a double decker bus.  It was one of the new A380 planes.

We were so excited to know how it would look inside and to which airlines it belonged to.  We were quite sure it belonged to one of these middle eastern airlines.

Just that it didn’t.   It said LUFTHANSA on the side of the plane!!!  

It was then that the penny dropped!!! This was the plane that we had just disembarked from!!!! What a pair of numpties we had been!!!!!