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A Scary Moment….

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The Vicarage cleaner is off sick again! Thankfully, she has very kindly arranged for cover which is fantastic.

On the day that the temporary cleaner arrived, unusually, both the Mhinisteir and I were not home. The cleaner knows to let herself in and out again when she is done.

When I came back, the cleaner and her mates were just leaving. Hang on a moment, why were her mates with her and what were they doing in the Vicarage??? They were all wearing tennis skirts with full makeup and large hoop earrings. Mmmmm…. When I questioned them, they threatened me!!!! I was so shocked that I just went inside the house and locked myself in. The house didn’t look cleaned and all the rooms were in a state. The beds looked jumped on while there were papers strewn all over the floor in both our studies.

I was still quite shocked but managed to ring my usual cleaner to terminate her services with immediate effect!!!! It was just at this point that I woke up!!!!!! Phew! How thankful I am that it was just all a dream!!!!!

The only truth in this story is that the Vicarage cleaner is indeed off sick and has kindly arranged temporary cover.

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Real Talent

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One of the websites that I often dip in and out off is called Thinking Anglicans. It is a good place to get sensational Church of England news.

On Friday, as I was looking through their website, I discovered that they have appointed a new Bishop of Loughborough. At the tender age of 42, he will be the youngest Bishop in the Church of England.

It was on the same website that I saw that the Bishop of Ely is to become the Acting Bishop of Lincoln. I understand from the press release that the Bishop of Ely is to split his time betweeen Ely and Lincoln. The current Bishop of Lincoln is due to retire at the end of the year; it is this Bishop who was suspended for 20 months following a safeguarding scandal.

Just out of curiosity, I had a look at the Diocese of Lincoln’s website. There I found out that they have 2 Suffragan Bishops plus an Assistant Bishop. By the way, I don’t know what an Assistant Bishop does. With three senior clerics, why do they need the Bishop of Ely? The Bishop of Ely is widely known in the Church of England as a very able and God fearing man. Aren’t the rest of the Bishops meant to be like that too?

Maybe its about time that the Church of England as part of their box ticking exercise, stop appointing inexperienced 42 year olds as Bishops and start appointing people who are genuinely suited for the job!!!!

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Over Remembering

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We live in a world of over sharing and quite frankly over everything including over remembering.

As an introvert, I observe more than I talk, much to the annoyance of those around me. I have tried to talk more but it just does not suit me. Anyway, it is this observation. that has made me think about over remembering.

Every year during this time of remembrance, this subject matter comes to my mind. However, I have always deemed it insensitive and so have refrained from comment. This year, a local restaurant’s advertisement that I saw online has encouraged me to embark on this subject matter. I would like to reiterate that the content of this blog post is solely based on my observation and is not in anyway a criticism.

I always remember Armistice Day/Remembrance Sunday as a day with a quiet but a poignant act of remembrance. However in recent years, there seems to be more and more being said and done to mark these days but they often lose their poignancy.

Coming back to the advertisement that I saw…. it said that on Armistice Day, they would be marking a 2 minute silence starting at 11am. Is it right to impose this on their customers? Maybe they came to the restaurant to avoid it!!!! Imagine being in the middle of your breakfast/brunch with your mouth full of food when it is time to mark the 2 minutes silence????

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Pot calling kettle black!

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The latest Private Eye which arrived on Wednesday contains a story about a certain Prime Minister from one of the South Asian countries. I do not wish to name him or his country in case I inadvertently cause a diplomatic row! However, I will drop a few hints. He used to be a famous cricket player and was once married to a Goldsmith (I am here referring to the surname not the occupation!😁)

According to the Private Eye, this PM did not attend the COP26 conference in Glasgow on the advise of his current wife who is a spiritualist; rumour is that she was afraid that he might meet up with his former wife in the UK! The article went on to add that when it came to the governance of his country, the South Asian PM takes instructions from his wife much to the annoyance of his ministers and officials.

Does this not remind you of another Prime Minister nearer home??? 😁

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Vanishing neighbours

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Our neighbours have vanished. Before I continue, let me give you a bit of background information….

Our neighbours are a young unmarried couple with no children. The female is quite heavily tattooed (just saying😁). When we first moved to the Vicarage, they were a little suspicious of us. Thankfully, we managed to break the ice even without us realising it. Being quite well versed in rural living, we (the Mhinisteir I mean) without second thoughts started bringing their bin in together with ours. Our young neighbours thought that we were awfully kind and they began to do the same; that is if they remembered!!!

However, we have not seen the both of them since summer this year. Every week, their bin mysteriously makes it to the collection point but never makes it back which means that the Mhinisteir has been bringing back both our bins every single week!!!!

Their garden which is usually tidy is in a terrible state but strangely somebody has been cutting the grass.

I find it all so mysterious; the Mhinisteir thinks that I am reading far too many murder mystery novels!!!!!

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Wasted on Waitrose!

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About a month ago, I got some money off vouchers in the post from Waitrose. I haven’t shopped with them since the pandemic and so chucked the vouchers inside my “shredding” basket.

A few days ago, the Mhinisteir gave me his Christmas gift list for his colleagues which reminded me of the vouchers from Waitrose. I quickly retrieved them from the “shredding” basket and after reading the terms and conditions decided to get all the presents from Waitrose online. I was only meant to spend an hour ordering the presents but ended up spending two and half hours and but no presents!!!

The problems started when I went to the online checkout… The first problem was that some of the things in the basket were out of stock! I had to “shop again”. The second time I went to the checkout it refused to accept the money off vouchers as the delivery date I had chosen was after the vouchers had expired! When I tried to check out for the third time, it said that because I had a newspaper in my basket, the delivery time has to be after 3pm!!!!!! Aarrrggggghhhhh!!!!! It was a complimentary paper so I can definitely do without as we get our daily papers delivered; but who reads their newspapers after 3pm???? The people that I know and I include myself in this read the papers in the morning. The fourth time I tried to check out, it said that the voucher was still not valid as I had to spend Β£100 instead of the Β£80; this time it was my fault. On top of all this, I had to pay a Β£3 delivery charge and if that was not bad enough, the items will come without bags!!!!!! At this point, I cancelled my order and went to do the ironing!!!

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Have you ever used Brillo pads? For the uniniated, Brillo pads are steel wool soap pads. As for those who read the Private Eye, you will know that Andrew Neil of GB news fame is known as Brillo in that magazine!😁

Anyway, coming back to the real Brillo pads, they are used for scouring pots and pans. I have seen them in supermarkets and know what they are but have never used them until last week. My vintage Le Creuset pans were looking tired and needed freshening.

Now that I have used them, I am super impressed with Brillo pads; removing stains from the pan was a doddle and required no elbow grease.

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There was a photo of both the British Prime Minister and the President of the United States of America in the Telegraph last week. The photo was taken at the COP26 meeting in Glasgow. Coincidentally both leaders had their eyes firmly shut in that photo; they both looked like they were having their forty winks in the middle of a conference!

A commentator for the Telegraph who shall remain unnamed decided to mock the President of the USA for dosing off while heaping praises on the British Prime Minister for all his efforts towards climate change! I would say that the American President had a valid reason for dosing off: jetlag. The British Prime Minister had none!

The following day, there was a caricature of the American president dozing off under a tree! It is no surprise that a right wing paper like the Telegraph enjoys having a go at the current American president but it suddenly dawned on me that it is his age that they are making fun off which is quite frankly not funny at all.

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The Season of Giving

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Our local night shelter for the homeless has just reopened and will remain open for the whole of the Autumn/Winter period.

For those who make an annual donation to a charity at Christmas time, may I humbly suggest your local night shelter this year?

Here in the Vicarage, we make a small monthly contribution towards our local night shelter for the 6 months that they are open, in fact I have just made an online donation. For the remaining 6 months, we alternate between the foodbank and the college of St Barnabas. The college of St Barnabas provide sheltered accommodation and residential care to retired Anglicans especially clergy and missionaries.

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Difficult Decisions

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I love the Church of England but she is not without flaws! Regular readers will remember me writing about a safeguarding issue that has been bugging the Mhinisteir in the last wee while. The good news is that it is now a Diocesan matter. The bad news is that nobody wants to do anything about it. It appears to me that in the Church of England, Dioceses are afraid to make difficult decisions; everyone wants to be popular. What they fail to recognise is that this makes the life of a parish priest hell as he has to deal with the naysayers; it detracts the parish priest from the REAL work.

While all this is happening, Dioceses love to repeat the mantra that clergy well being is their number one priority. Bah humbug!!!πŸ˜€