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The Days Between Christmas and New Year…

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The lead up to Christmas was a bit of a blur as the Mhinisteir was down with a bad cold and within a day or two I got it too. Despite being poorly, he still had to conduct funerals and carol services to lead while I tried to give him copious amounts of hot toddy and encourage him to eat a little.

I only brought out our Christmas decorations on the evening of Christmas eve and started decorating while the Mhinisteir readied himself for the midnight mass. I didn’t go with him. Instead I stuck to the yearly ritual of ringing my parents at midnight to wish them a Merry Christmas. By the way, it is only my mother who is awake at that time! We do that on New Year’s Eve too!

On Christmas day, I went to the early morning service. I was feeling rather woozy as I had stayed up waiting for the Mhinisteir! After church, I made a quick dash next door to drop off a small present for the neighbours. Thankfully I managed to leave it at their door without having to bump into them because every year they get a little embarrassed to receive a present from us! We have always done it wherever in the world we have lived.

Since Christmas day was a Sunday, I prepared our usual roast chicken with all the trimmings which we enjoyed very much. The Mhinisteir caught up on his sleep while I read.

Apart from going out for a short drive for my birthday which falls between Christmas and New Year and the Mhinisteir conducting a couple of funerals, we spent the rest of the time simply relaxing at home which was absolute bliss!

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A Birthday Present

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Recently, I was asked how it feels to have a birthday between Christmas and Hogmanay (In Scotland, it refers to New Year’s Eve). I didn’t know how to answer that question because quite frankly I don’t know otherwise. I have always received one present but nothing unusual there because as a family we never exchange Christmas presents; the ones we buy are for the under privileged.

I do know that in the busyness of Christmas, people tend to forget my birthday. No matter. A friend once texted me a month later as she had totally forgotten!ūü§£

This question got me thinking and I remember how more than a decade ago on Christmas Day, I found myself in a distressing situation in a foreign country. I remember praying and asking God for a birthday present. I have never asked Him for one before! It was very bold of me but I was desperate. By the way, I did get my “present” a day before my birthday!

After all these many years, I have decided to ask God for another birthday present – better health for a close family member.

I don’t intend on making this a habit but this one will make me very happy.

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Loose Canon

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I think I have waited way too long to share this happy news; I had absolutely no reason to wait until the last month of the year!!!!

Sometime this year, the Mhinisteir was made an honorary Canon of the Cathedral. For the uninitiated, A canon is a member of the chapter which is headed by the dean of the cathedral. Together with the dean, the chapter have legal responsibility for the cathedral and for electing the bishop.

I still remember the day so clearly when the Bishop rang the Vicarage. Before he broke the news, the Bishop had asked the Mhinisteir if he was sitting down ūüėĀ

The collation service was a beautiful one and was well attended.

The Mhinisteir has since told me at least once as to what an honour this is; that unlike peerages, these titles cannot be bought!

I have reminded the Mhinisteir that although I have the utmost respect for clergy and their office, he still has to unload the dishwasher at home! ūü§£

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2020 is a Leap year!

Did you know that 2020 is a leap year?  Well, I only discovered it yesterday thanks to our village magazine!  At last, those whose birthdays fall on 29th February will get to have a proper birthday celebration after a four year wait.  Woohoo!!!

ps: I don’t know of anyone whose birthday falls on 29th February. ¬†Do you???

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Struggling for words…..

I can’t believe I am writing this but I am struggling to write these days. At least part ¬†of the reason for this is because I am having a rough time health wise.

I usually have plenty to write about so I don’t know what happened….

Anyway, one of the things that caught my eye while flipping through the papers is that Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones are both celebrating their birthdays today!!!!!!


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Cake in a hurry!

A few weeks ago, I was desperately looking to buy a birthday cake online. ¬†I would have loved to bake my own but it is just not possible at the moment. ¬†I didn’t have too much time before the big day and so I was beginning to panic as I just wasn’t making any headway.

Just before my desperation turned to despair, I found an online cake shop.

I was a little skeptical as the reviews were mixed.  By faith, I bought the Large chocolate cake

I paid about £29.00 for the cake, candles and for the cake to be gift wrapped.  Free standard delivery for orders over £27.50.

The cake arrived on time for the Sunday as I was going to take it to Church for the after Church tea fellowship.

The cake went down a treat that Sunday.  People were commenting on how moist and yummy it was!  There was not a crumb left.

Oh I forgot to mention, it was the Mhinisteir’s birthday!!!

The only criticism I have is that Customer service could have been better when responding to queries.

Disclaimer: I am not paid by sponge.co.uk promote them.