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It has been a funny few days. I am back to feeling extremely tired which explains my absence yesterday. However, I am determined to maintain some form of normalcy when it comes to blogging because I find that once I stop writing, it is very difficult to restart.

This week is a very important week in the vicarage hence the title! Regular readers will know about the safeguarding issue that has been hanging over the Mhinisteir’s head. Strange as it may sound but being a clergy wife means that whatever affects your husband affects you; somehow you feel the tension. Maybe it is because the vicarage is also the Mhinisteir’s place of work making boundaries almost impossible.

Being able to live in a vicarage is a privilege. Along with the privilege comes the responsibility to keep things confidential and private so I never discuss anything with anybody no matter how difficult circumstances are, not even with my family. This blog is the only place where I “pour out” my heart; quite enjoy it actually!😁

Anyway, I am pleased to say that finally there is going to be a meeting with a senior cleric concerning this safeguarding issue. The bad news is that this senior cleric is very inexperienced; hasn’t been in their post for very long! I understand from the Mhinisteir that it has taken this long partly because somebody in the diocese conveniently forgot about the matter. Humanly speaking, I don’t think this matter will be resolved this week but then with God everything is possible!

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Who is that woman???

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The Church of England’s General Synod 2021 began on Monday with an inauguration service in Westminster Abbey yesterday. Today is the final day of the Synod. For those interested, you can follow the proceedings here.

I watched a catch up of yesterday’s proceedings before bed last night. I found it to be very interesting but I was constantly distracted by a woman who was knitting!!!! Every time she was in focus which was very often because she was seated facing the camera, she was knitting; if she wasn’t knitting she was fiddling with her mobile phone!!!! By the way, She is there again today still busy knitting!!!!

Personally, I am quite shocked by the audacity of this individual. Will she be doing that if it was Her Majesty the Queen addressing the conference??? Is the person addressing the conference unworthy of this individual’s undivided attention?? It is very sad that in this present day and age, we no longer know right from wrong. There is no longer a place for rules and regulations. We only want to do what suits us! In other words, we have become very selfish.

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Real Talent

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One of the websites that I often dip in and out off is called Thinking Anglicans. It is a good place to get sensational Church of England news.

On Friday, as I was looking through their website, I discovered that they have appointed a new Bishop of Loughborough. At the tender age of 42, he will be the youngest Bishop in the Church of England.

It was on the same website that I saw that the Bishop of Ely is to become the Acting Bishop of Lincoln. I understand from the press release that the Bishop of Ely is to split his time betweeen Ely and Lincoln. The current Bishop of Lincoln is due to retire at the end of the year; it is this Bishop who was suspended for 20 months following a safeguarding scandal.

Just out of curiosity, I had a look at the Diocese of Lincoln’s website. There I found out that they have 2 Suffragan Bishops plus an Assistant Bishop. By the way, I don’t know what an Assistant Bishop does. With three senior clerics, why do they need the Bishop of Ely? The Bishop of Ely is widely known in the Church of England as a very able and God fearing man. Aren’t the rest of the Bishops meant to be like that too?

Maybe its about time that the Church of England as part of their box ticking exercise, stop appointing inexperienced 42 year olds as Bishops and start appointing people who are genuinely suited for the job!!!!

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Difficult Decisions

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I love the Church of England but she is not without flaws! Regular readers will remember me writing about a safeguarding issue that has been bugging the Mhinisteir in the last wee while. The good news is that it is now a Diocesan matter. The bad news is that nobody wants to do anything about it. It appears to me that in the Church of England, Dioceses are afraid to make difficult decisions; everyone wants to be popular. What they fail to recognise is that this makes the life of a parish priest hell as he has to deal with the naysayers; it detracts the parish priest from the REAL work.

While all this is happening, Dioceses love to repeat the mantra that clergy well being is their number one priority. Bah humbug!!!πŸ˜€

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Estate Churches

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Recently I came across the term estate churches and so decided to ask the Mhinisteir about it. I’ve since learned that estate churches are churches that are within the estate of the landed gentry. These churches would have been funded and built by their forefathers.

Estate Churches are not uncommon in rural places. You may have seen an example of an estate church in period dramas like Downton Abbey.

Wherever there is an estate church, the gentry has some say in the appointment of a new vicar.

Thankfully, we do not have estate churches in any of our umpteen parishes! However, we do have a handful of landed gentry. Most of them behave impeccably but there are one or two who like to throw their weight about; they like to pretend that they are in possession of estate churches!

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For the first time ever, I felt overdressed at the dinner party hosted by a senior cleric. Thankfully the feeling just lasted for a few minutes but it was threatening to consume me! I was quite shocked I felt that way. The truth is I wasn’t overdressed. I certainly didn’t arrive like the Duchess of Cambridge when she attended the premiere of the new Bond movie this week. By the way, she looked lovely. I just wore a little black dress. About 97% of the invited guests were underdressed which meant that wherever you looked you only saw the underdressed! There was even someone in a tracksuit bottom! The dress code was smart casual.

The occasion itself was a very happy one and we got to meet new people. The food was lovely too. It was a proper sit down 3 course meal with coffee/tea afterwards. Unusually, I even got to sit adjacent to the Mhinisteir.

The icing on the cake was that we got to stay the night at a local bed and breakfast!

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Spoke too soon!

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I am still feeling a bit out of sorts since the sad news at the weekend. It was my last surviving grandparent. I just can’t seem to focus on anything. Thankfully things are slowly beginning to get better.

Just when I thought I was done with social events for 2021, about a month ago the Mhinisteir dropped a bombshell. We have been invited to a formal dinner with a senior cleric in the CoE! Oh dear!

I find these dinners a little stressful because even though the Mhinisteir and I will be sitting at the same table, we will be sitting with other people. I find it difficult to make small talk!

Of course there is the question of what to wear? Mercifully it wasn’t difficult to decide at all!

I promise to write about it when the event is over!

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Best Bishop in the CofE!

Yes, I am referring to our own diocesan Bishop! It is not only I who thinks that but some in the wider Church of England think that too.

Whenever there is a vacancy, our Bishop’s name comes up. For example, when the Bishop of London retired, our Bishop’s name came up. The same happened when ABY’s position became vacant and now the suggestion is that our Bishop should be the next Bishop of Winchester to clean up the mess that has been left behind!!!! I am so proud that our bishop is held is such high regard but it is not good news for me! I prefer to have our Bishop with us in our own diocese until they retire.

This wonderful Bishop of ours is very kind and caring. Someone who is firm and exercises authority but never arrogant. A person who prays and most importantly believes in the life, death and resurrection of Christ! I know that some clergy in the CofE don’t believe in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ!!!! What are they doing in the Church??? I digress….

Our Bishop is a well learned individual who never shows off but can get grumpy when tiredπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

We are very blessed and most privileged to have this individual in our lives and my only prayer is that our Bishop will remain in post for a very long time.

By the way, please don’t ask me which diocese I belong to as my cover might be blown if I were to divulge!!!!🀣🀣🀣

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Rushed off my feet!

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I like a slow start to my day but the Thursday before our holiday was nothing like my usual start to the day. The Mhinisteir was out at a church service and we were expecting the tree surgeon to chop off the conifer trees. The Mhinisteir assured me that they will not be bothering me. Excellent I thought…..

Just as I was entering the shower room, the doorbell rang! I took a quick peek at the window and it was the tree surgeon and his chum. They were young men and I most definitely wasn’t going to meet them in my dressing gown so I ignored them and went ahead with my shower! When I came out, they were still in the driveway instead of the garden. Mmmm….. I got changed and went to greet them from a distance. They said all was well. Great!

I went to the kitchen to do the dishes when I suddenly saw two faces smiling at me through the kitchen window. Just for a split second, I assumed that they were that of the tree surgeon and his chum but no it wasn’t. Instead they were from OpenReach (British Telecom). They were not due until Monday!!!! I went to the door and they introduced themselves and said they were here to do some work on our telephone line. I said that we were told to expect them on Monday. Apparently, the people coming on Monday will be dealing with a different issue but these men were going to work on the telegraphic pole. Just then I remembered the Mhinisteir had an important zoom meeting with our Bishop!!!! Oh great I thought! The meeting was really important as it had to do with the safeguarding issue that I had wrote about some time ago. The men from Openreach assured me that the internet connection will not be affected.

The tree surgeon and his chum were working away in the garden until 3pm. Just as they were leaving, our cleaner arrived!!!! By then, I was so exhausted that I couldn’t wait for her to leave…..

Anyway, the good news is that the conifer trees are gone and there is so much light coming into the Vicarage which is wonderful.

The next day we got a telephone call from the Diocesan housing department informing us that the tree surgeon’s chum’s girlfriend had tested positive for Covid19 and so he is having to self isolate! Thank God that we didn’t have any close contact with him!!!

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Church Mafia

Another day and yet another safeguarding scandal in the Church of England! This time, the victim is the Canon Chancellor of Lincoln Cathedral. You can read about his ordeal here.

The good news is that it has been concluded that there was “no case to answer” but the bad news is that in the name of safeguarding, the Canon and his wife have been treated so badly that I am not sure that they can ever recover from this ordeal!

On the same day, I heard that ABC has apologised for something that is not even his business( The Bishop of St Davids had tweeted an ill judged comment about the current ruling party in the UK). If only, he could use his time more diligently and support and defend his own clergy in the CoE!