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From the Vicarage Kitchen| Dairy and Gluten Free Banana Fritters

I had 3 bananas lurking in the freezer drawer. I didn’t want to make banana bread instead I fancied some Thai style banana fritters that I had in a restaurant here some time back. By the way, I have never been to the Land of smiles!

I am no expert but I am quite sure that the Thai style fritters required fresh bananas for they come as a whole fruit with the batter on the outside. It is usually served with honey.

I decided to experiment and came up with my own version using frozen bananas. They were quite yummy with dairy free vanilla ice cream served on the side


3 frozen bananas

100g Rice Flour

A pinch of salt and baking powder

1 tablespoon sugar (optional)

Oil for deep frying


  1. Add the frozen bananas, rice flour, salt and baking powder and mix them all together using a fork.
  2. Heat oil in medium heat for deep frying.
  3. Add the sugar if using to the gooey mixture.
  4. Using a spoon ( I used a teaspoon), gently drop a spoonful of the mixture in the hot oil and fry until it is cooked and is brown in colour.
  5. Drain the fritters in a kitchen towel.
  6. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream.
  7. Enjoy!

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Unusual Choice for an Organist!

There is wedding fever in the Vicarage as the Mhinisteir is very busy with weddings and wedding couples.

I happened to be at a wedding myself and was utterly gobsmacked when the organist turned up. It was non other than our present Chancellor of the Exchequer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was my dream/nightmare(delete where appropriate) last night!!!! I honestly don’t know how dreams/nightmares are created but this was a super weird combination. A bit like Mrs Leticia Cropley’s (Vicar of Dibley fame) Orange cake with Branston Pickle icing!!!!!

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My Secret Cake Stash

I try to have a secret cake stash tucked away in our freezer.

Whenever I bake a cake, once it has cooled,  I cut two small pieces of the cake, put them in a foil and stash them away in the freezer.

On a day like yesterday, when I felt like a cake with my cup of tea but didn’t have any freshly baked cake, I raid the freezer.  I never label my cakes because one is ever so grateful to get their hands into ANY cake (Tried and Tested Method😬) !

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Baking with Rice Flour

Yesterday, I successfully baked my Gluten and Dairy Free |Simple Banana Cake using rice flour.   I have never used rice flour in my baking before so was pretty pleased with the results.  I was forced to use rice flour as I still can’t get hold of gluten free flour anywhere.

You can use the above mentioned recipe but substitute the gluten free flour with rice flour plus half a teaspoon baking powder.



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From the Vicarage Kitchen |Gluten and Dairy Free |Simple Banana Cake

IMG_0073I love bananas.  This cake is very easy to make as it can all be done in a food processor.  It tastes yummy too.   The recipe is as follows:

Preheat oven to 170c


115g Dove Gluten Free Self Raising Flour

115g Stork baking block

115g Caster Sugar

1/2tsp Vanilla Paste/extract

1 riped banana

2 eggs


1. Put the eggs, stork, sugar and vanilla paste into the food processor and mix until all the ingredients are well mixed.

2. Add the banana and mix again until it blends into the mixture.

3. Finally add the flour and mix it in quick short bursts until well blended.

4. Pour into small loaf tin and bake for about 20-25 minutes.


Tip: If you have an overly ripe banana, pop it in the freezer and you can use it for this recipe.




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Is Stork Baking Block Dairy Free?



Did you know that Stork Baking Block does not contain dairy?  I know it because thats what I use for my baking as I must refrain from dairy.

I didnt know about it until I chanced upon this vital information a good few years back.  Since then, I have been using Stork baking block for all my baking but I do always check the ingredients in case it has changed.

However, I must stress that the other products in the Stork range do contain dairy so please please be very careful when you make your purchase.   Like me, if you can’t consume dairy, please do not take my word for it but please check the ingredients  as I know from personal experience that just because something agrees with one person, that doesn’t mean that it agrees with all those with similar conditions.

NB: This is an independent review.  I am not paid by Stork nor do I represent them.


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Back to Baking at last!

I baked for the first time today in our Vicarage! We moved here more than a year ago and I have never baked! Why? Because our movers lost my entire box of baking tins etc. These were items that I collected over the years. I was so disappointed but I had to accept that they were lost for good. I used to bake a lot, at least once a week but usually more. Good baking tins are not cheap and I just couldn’t bare the thought of having to start buying them all over again!

I came back from my holiday rejuvenated and so was eager to restart baking. I had to take my health into consideration and so planned to bake something easy.

However, I still needed to buy the necessary baking tins. Just last week, I got some gift vouchers in the post and so decided to use them to buy a Le Creuset Loaf tin and it arrived yesterday which meant I could finally bake. The cake turned out very well and the Mhinisteir couldn’t wait until tea time!!! It was a gluten and dairy free banana cake.

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2020 is a Leap year!

Did you know that 2020 is a leap year?  Well, I only discovered it yesterday thanks to our village magazine!  At last, those whose birthdays fall on 29th February will get to have a proper birthday celebration after a four year wait.  Woohoo!!!

ps: I don’t know of anyone whose birthday falls on 29th February.  Do you???

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A Wedding & Two Cupcakes!

When we came home this afternoon, we found two little cakes boxes on our doorstep.  Two little cake boxes containing two very pretty cupcakes.  There was no note but I guessed it was from the newly weds.  Newly weds???

At the weekend, the Mhinisteir conducted the wedding of a young couple and I am pretty sure that the cakes were from them.  Over the years, The Mhinisteir has conducted many weddings but this is the first time this has happened!  Such a sweet and thoughtful gesture on the part of the wedding couple.